App Description

Historically, spring design has always been a challenge. In a manufacturing environment the use of stock springs is the first approach. But when the design changes a little or the stock spring is not quite what is needed, the designer must resort to designing a spring modification or a spring from scratch. This program provides a simplified method to design torsion springs to verifying stock spring offerings with slightly different parameters. A Torsion spring is usually used when space is of concern and a twisting motion is desired. Other Ray Tool programs address compression spring and extension springs. The program uses switch settings and input boxes to define the user’s requirements. Not sure what the value should be, no problem just estimate the value and use the adjusters to zoom in on the solution. The design of springs is complex but this program leads the user through the design process starting at the top, selecting units either US or Metric and then large or small units. Next comes choosing a material; the program includes 12 standard spring materials with an option to create a user defined material if desired. As the design progresses, warnings and cautions are recorded and displayed in a list at the bottom of the screen. Most design errors, such as excessive stress will cause the spring to take a permanent set. Along with the warnings are suggested action to correct the design. There are more than 15 warnings including a caution that the spring index (ratio of mean diameter to wire diameter) is too small and is difficult to manufacture. Also included are load and angle tolerances that can be specified for the manufacturing process. When the design is finished and issues are addressed, calculations can be e-mailed to the users home computer to be opened in any text editor or spreadsheet. Help and glossary screens are provided to clarify terms or help in the sequence of a design. In addition an error screen details any errors that the program detects. Email and remote print capability have been added along with the storing of several spring designs within the program. One key element here is that the user usually does not know all the parameters in the beginning and this program allows the user to estimate and tweak the design until it works. Many times the size or space required does not allow a spring with specific parameters to be designed, the program warns for this problem as well. This program (App) is simply a must for all design engineers and students.

-Used as stand alone or to compare commercial springs
-Calculates all force, stress and deflection parameters as you Edit.
-Includes Force at the spring leg or Torque outputs.
-Change inputs using adjustors or retro keyboard entry
-Select from 12 Standard Materials or define your Own.
-Warns for design errors and recommends corrections.
-Includes Complete Help, Glossary and design error definition screens.
-Save and retrieve user defined springs.
-Emails calculation file and data to home computer to be opened in any spreadsheet or text-editing program. Includes an image of the design screen for printing.
-Warns for zero entries.
-Employs English or Metric Units with forces in Pounds or Ounces and in Metric Newton’s or Grams.
-Designs left or right hand wound springs.
-Includes recommendations for electroplating and heat-treating with documentation references.

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App Changes

  • June 15, 2014 Initial release