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Made in Germany. The algorithm for calculating the height difference was revised. A bug that caused the beep "kcal reached" too early was eliminated.

App Description

Use this product while running to measure your power in watt. With the highest possible accuracy, the following values ​​are measured and displayed: power (watt), distance, speed, altitude change, energy (kcal) and of course time.

Compare your power in different activities like climbing, mountain running, cycling or mountain biking with our two products SUSURUN and SUSURIDE!

There are two options to monitor your PERFORMANCE:
1. Jogging: Select ‘km/h’ and enter the speed you want to reach into the box next to it. In case your average speed drops below the entered speed, a signal, encouraging you to run faster, will ring out every two minutes.
2. Select ‘watt’ for mountain running since the speed is not meaningful enough in the mountains. A combination of the distance you ran and the difference in altitude you overcame is more exact. This app uses a very complex and accurate method to compute the performance in watt, which is, among others, influenced by your weight. So it is important that you enter your own body weight plus the weight of your equipment. In case your performance drops below the entered value while you are running on an incline a brief signal will sound.

What about this situation: You leave your house, start the running-app and now have to try to quickly squeeze your iPhone into the way too small pocket of your running pants and zip it up. If you activated the start-stop-automation all this gets a lot smoother:
You start the app at home, then take as much time as you need to put your iPhone into your pocket and finally start to run. In advance you chose a point (usually right after your front door) and the app will start there automatically. And this is also the point where the app will stop and save automatically, once you finished your run. You have two options to determine this point: You can either enter its coordinates manually or you press the GPS button and the app will measure it for you.

If you’re running in an unknown area and would like to run a distance of 10 km, for example, you can select an option that after 5 km a signal will sound out five times to indicate that you reached the point of return. In order to select this function choose the arrow that points to the right hand side and enter 5000 into the box. If you’re running on an incline it is better to select the option ‘difference in altitude’ (the arrow that points up) or ‘kcal’ and enter the altitude difference you want to overcome or kilocalories you want to burn next to it. A signal will sound out five times to indicate that you reached the point of return.

Have you ever experienced this? You’re trying to run faster than 10 km/h and you’ve succeeded until kilometer 8 – but then: traffic lights! While you’re waiting for them to turn green which probably takes about 2 minutes, your average speed, which you fought so hard for, drops below 9.5 km/h. How unfair! This app rectifies the results at traffic lights. You either enter the coordinates of this mean set of traffic lights next to the symbol showing a traffic light or stand close to the traffic light and press the GPS button and the app will register its coordinates. You will notice that your average speed at this set of traffic lights won’t change again. You can enter a maximum of two sets of traffic lights.

SUSUSRUN doesn’t collect or forward any data. The only place where you can save data is on your own iPhone and this data can be deleted at the touch of a button.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
On a fully charged iPhone SUSURUN will last:
6 hours, if you enabled the auto-lock.
2 hours and 20 minutes, if the auto-lock is disabled and the display illuminated for the whole time.

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App Changes

November 06, 2013 New version 1.3
October 18, 2013 New version 1.2
September 26, 2013 New version 1.1
August 25, 2013 Initial Release

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