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Yes, your child can learn to read as early as that! You don’t have to send your kid to school so that he or she acquires this most essential skill of the contemporary world!

FREE edition is the cut-down version of Pen Nochio episode, so you can try it for free before you buy the full version.


Our series of apps is rooted in scientifically proved methods of teaching kids to read - Phonemic Awareness (PA) based systems. The Report of the National Reading Panel conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) that carefully analyzed 1,962 citations on relevant studies states that:

‘Teaching children to manipulate phonemes in words was highly effective under a variety of teaching conditions with a variety of learners across a range of grade and age levels and that teaching phonemic awareness to children significantly improves their reading more than instruction that lacks any attention to Phonemic Awareness.’

Vast majority of brain functions develop during first 6 years of life. Although the chances to develop most of the cognitive abilities are not lost after that time, the ‘earlier is better than later’ principle definitely applies here.


1. Use the app everyday! - Systematic use is the key to success
2. Enough is enough! - Stop whenever your kid says enough
3. Organize ‘Say it with me’ sessions! - Train phonetic awareness in regular conversations

...and most important HAVE FUN TOO!

* Our app is designed to maximize the parents’ or caregivers’ involvement in playing games with the children and in their learning process.
* We are building a series of apps that share common characters and threads, thanks to which the kids’ attention is easily attracted, and that results in higher engagement in learning.
* There are FREE do-it-yourself add-ons (paper flashcards, stick puppets etc.).
* Our graphics and sounds has been crafted carefully by the artists who are experienced in working on products for kids.
* What will also help your tots socialize is our narration, thanks to which empathy and communication skills develop faster.
* Our app is well tested and verified by a professional psychologist. We can assure you that this works as we teach our own kids to read by playing this app!

***WHO IS PEN?***
Pen seems to be a very common girl. She lives in Chicago, US with her parents and a little sweet critter. Some might even recognize that it is a grasshopper! Her mother is Polish and that’s why she has a sense of humor and temper. Her father comes from Italy. That is where her strange name and love for sun come from. Pen is also very fond of Pinocchio. She simply loves the book and makes her mother read it for her almost every day. Similarly to her favorite book character, she behaves badly from time to time. Fortunately, thanks to her great parents she always manages to come to her senses and show her better side in the end.

This app was brought to you by Mofables. You can send us a message at and share your opinion about the game with us (the same holds for suggestions and bug reports, your feedback really matters to us!). You can also visit our website to learn more about our method or app concepts. In order to find more applications for children or keep up with what’s new, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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App Changes

January 29, 2014 New version 1.2
November 13, 2013 New version 1.1
September 05, 2013 Initial Release

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