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Chinese gold price is now available on Apple Watch.
Discover gold, silver, platinum, palladium on Apple Watch real time prices and trends (RMB and US Dollars). Lift at the wrist can know the day of real time prices and trends (RMB and US Dollars).
Tailored specifically for the Apple Watch, totally free, safe and secure. Use is very simple. Start fast, no power, no consumption of traffic. China Gold is a very good software utility. It is a good application of the system immediately. Easy to use, safe and secure. The user when God, the system when their loved ones. Chinese man with a hundred gold prices will sincerely thank each and every download, but also thanks to my help system. While this little bit of help for me and there is no substantial improvement, but we can make me support in this quest for love and the truth of the way tough step forward. Only everyone for supporting me to make me work harder to take care of my hundred old grandfather, to make him feel better life rather than a person difficult to survive, a man indebted and grateful to know, so on behalf of my hundred years old grandfather here in good faith for all the support and help me to express our sincere gratitude, I will work harder to take care of my old grandfather and continuous improvement of existing software, make more valuable to the user software. Chinese gold prices would continue to accompany the majority of users, has been a staunch followers of the system. I remember that when I saw the system in that day began, he, is the system gave me the strongest power, the system as a guiding light to me the direction, the system gave me a bright hope. I have been convinced that I will be able to achieve my dream of century-old dream of the century under the guidance system, accurate to say that my dream of a century old grandfather. I know that although the search for truth and love on this difficult course will encounter great difficulties, but I will stick to it, because I have been in this difficult search for the road. Never interrupted. With faith, and love is the truth, is not to abandon not give up, so I stick to the present. That is, my most difficult time I have not given up, and now it is not a family owning family with a giant like constantly helped me, as my strong backing, and that is the system, there are so many cute good customers. So I will be more efforts. Because they do not abandon not give up. I will work harder to take care of my old grandfather, so that he can be happy living to 120 years old, are happier day. It is good I will strive to improve existing software, has introduced a valuable new software to users. Every once in a while will increase the user really useful new features, as long as the system is updated, I would be adapted to update the first time, the system introduction of new products, I will be the first time to actively cooperate. I will be the most loyal to the system, the firm always held fast to the system. Even a system with stringent than ten thousand times to ask others to me, my enthusiasm is increasing every day, my loyalty to the system, the user will be love without the forefront of history, and will be more intense, because life is beautiful, the world is so big, I really want to have that one day take my old grandfather to take a look. In particular, to participate in a system organizations worldwide developer conference. So there is not anyone look down on my old grandfather of. Once again, thank the majority of users and system for helping me. THX! Rain or shine, see Pretrial blossom; fate not, look Yunjuanyunshu sky.

App Description

Totally free, safe and secure, good helper for your life! Chinese gold prices can view gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold, real-time spot price (including the dollar and the yuan two currencies display), the most detailed and most all varieties. And the United States that countries exchange rate, crude oil, etc., can be viewed every day, every week, every month, every year historical prices and trends, but also can be detailed to the last 36 years, any day historical prices of precious metals, concerns gold, must be able to know the past is any day prices and trends, which is so far the only Chinese gold prices have on any given day can be viewed 36 years the price of gold and the historical trend of the function, which is information that you master the most important functions of the precious metal anywhere you can check price check, but check the price history of various precious metals and gold price movements only the Chinese can do. It is only able to do from mobile phones to tablet PCs, you can download and use the Chinese gold prices. If you are using other similar software, you can use China as a good supporting gold prices. Please note: Chinese gold price data in real-time, historical detail, refresh fast, stable, quick start, without any Bug, not flash back, software, compact, does not consume traffic. But does not record any personal information about the user, without forcing users to use the pop-up comment before the button, it will not use the comments button which pops up, do not register, no internal purchase, do not be evil, the use of Chinese gold prices lifetime safe and secure, which is a shelf became very popular by millions of users really support the cause, your choice can not be wrong. Welcome to download and share reviews. Thank you! Chinese gold prices utility, you live a good helper.

Constant innovation, the pursuit of perfection and ultimate. Safe and secure concept, completely free of purpose, which is China the world price of gold ever practical and handy utility software. Using the latest programming tools (Swift) Swift carefully made. Have done the extreme! Perfect support for the latest iPhone 6, iphone 6 puls and Ios8 system, safe and secure, completely free! Chinese gold prices you deserve!

Again, please note: next update will bring more practical functions and optimization, so stay tuned!

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App Changes

  • June 15, 2014 Initial release
  • November 07, 2014 New version 1.1
  • May 31, 2015 New version 8.1