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I would like to thank all of the players who joined the testing group to help make Naval Tactics the best it can be. VanderLegion, Diebo, sfx 51, Gosenbach, alzdragon, Elph, bmike, sirius 2525 (and all of you whom I missed!) thank you so much for your tireless efforts in helping improve the game!


• More Help for New Players
If you tried Naval Tactics and found it too difficult or confusing, you were not alone! To help ease your way to becoming the next Admiral of the Fleet, we have added some simplified in game help (the new "?" button) which focuses on the very basics of how to move your ships, fire your cannons, and board other ships. In addition, there are now two new missions specifically for new players! "Sink the Derelicts" will pit the play against a fleet of ships which will not move or fire, allowing you ample time to practice moving and firing your own fleet. "Defeat the Exhausted Patrol" will place you against a fleet which will move and fire, but all of the opponent ships will do less damage and have less accuracy than normal. God speed!

• Night Battles
Although not too historically accurate, these new night battles provide an interesting twist on all of the current missions by introducing extremely limited vision. You can make any mission a night mission by tapping the Night check box. Dawn will occur on round 40, brightening the field of combat for the last 20 rounds.

• New Captain Cards
Two new Captain Cards have made their way into Naval Tactics!
- "Calm Before The Storm": This card will cause all other played cards (with the exception of other Calm Before The Storm and Favorable Winds cards) to be returned to their owner's hands on the next turn instead of taking effect. When timed correctly, this means you could deny your opponent the use of Iron Will for one turn.
- "Sailmaster's Repairs": This card will repair 50% of total sails at the end of your next turn.

• One New Custom Mission and Three new Historical Missions!
Command your ships in any of the four new missions! "Naval Duel" will pit you and your adversary against each other in a one-on-one ship duel, the ship for which is chosen at random. This means that both players may be facing off in the beefy Endeavor, or the rinky-dink Rover. You are provided with enough configuration points to outfit the base ship as you desire. Also included are "La Cléopâtre vs the HMS Nymphe", "USS Constellation vs La Vengeance", and the "USS Ranger vs the HMS Drake"

• 60 Round Mission Limits
By popular request, the round limit for all mission was raised from 40 to 60. Enjoy!

• Larger Time Window for Arena Matchmaking
Previously, the match-maker for the Arena would wait 16 minutes per every 1000 Esteem Point deficit between players. This means that the system would wait approximately 2 hours before matching a 300 EP player with a 7300 EP player (aka, a new Captain with the current Admiral of the Fleet). In order to help make fairer matches, I have increased this window dramatically; it will now wait 24 hours for every 1000 point difference between players. In this example, the new player would have to be waiting for a week before they would be matched with the Admiral.

• 24-hour Turn Timer
We've moved from a Fischer Delay timer to a simpler 24-hour timer scheme; you will now have 24 hours from when the turn advances to play your turn before being skipped.

• No Turn Timer Option
In addition to the switch to a 24-hour timer, custom matches may now be specified without any timer at all. Best when playing against close friends, as no timer games can become stuck if one player decides to stop playing mid-game.

Please note the new content is only available in English.


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App Description

**** Introductory Sale! Get Naval Tactics now for just $4.99 ****

"Be prepared to spend hours commanding your ships into glorious victory or crushing defeat." - SlideToPlay.com

"The AI regularly cleans my clock until it gleams." - PocketTactics.com

Hoist your sails and load the cannons as you embark for adventure on the high seas! Can you defeat your friends and best your enemies to become the Admiral of the Fleet?

Naval Tactics: Captains of the Spanish Main is set in the Golden Age of Sail, where stout ships of wood were crewed by even stouter men. Nations at peace and at war engaged in naval actions on the high seas. Naval Tactics brings the proud tradition of great naval board games such as Wooden Ships and Iron Men to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.


From the hexagonal playing field to the potentially game changing Captain's Cards, Naval Tactics is a board game to its very roots. To succeed you will need to take your time, think three moves ahead, and mind the weather gauge!


Powered by the online system used by Starbase Orion, enjoy one of the best multiplayer experiences on the App Store with asynchronous, turn-based matches, real-time chat, unlimited number of concurrent games, automated match-making, and more!


Naval Tactics prides itself on striving to capture the spirit of traditional naval combat in board game form. Configure your fleet using a variety of ships, from nimble Naval Cutters to massive Ships of the Line. Should you disable an opponent with bar shot or blast through their hull with double shot? Enterprising Captains will need to understand their vessels, their armaments, how they sail in relation to the wind, and the advantages of naval formations to best their fellows on the high seas.


Combining just the right amount of variety while maintaining a balanced engagement, Naval Tactics sets the bar for multiplayer naval combat on iOS. Choose your Captain's Cards, configure your fleet, outfit your ships, and embark on glorious battles knowing you will have to outwit your opponent to claim victory.


One cannot have a naval combat game without paying respect to the many true heroes who have shown their bravery on the seas. Live the Battle of Flamborough Head, the Constitution vs Guerriere, or the struggle at Trincomalee. More historical missions will be added in future updates!


• Age of Sail Naval Combat and Tactics
• Hexagonal Map with Fog of War
• Custom (Sandbox) Missions
• Historical Missions
• Simultaneous Turn-based Gameplay
• Single Player vs AI
• Top-notch Online Multiplayer
• Pass-and-Play Multiplayer


While it is quite common for apps to become “free for a day”, Naval Tactics is not one of those apps. The standard price for Naval Tactics is $7.99 USD; it will never run a “free for a day” campaign.

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App Changes

  • May 14, 2014 Initial release
  • November 04, 2014 New version 1.0.1

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