What's New

————What's new————
1.New Hero: Caesar is arrive, with a powerful new skill.

————What's improved————
1.Fixed bugs which may cause the game to crash.
2.Fixed a bug causing buff renewals to deduct too much Gold Coins.
3.Fixed a bug with Snow Hunter – Khione’s nation.
4.Modified Alliance Technology, so that only 1 research can be carried out at a time.

————Coming Soon————
1.A new event, with an Arena Hero, with specialist skills suited to the Arena.
2.Valentines Day event coming soon.
3.More improvements to the interface, in order to improve playing experience.

Dear Players,
V4 servers are now live. The V4 system is an optimized version of the V3 system and will bring better playing experience.
The V4 system is currently in testing phase, where we still monitor it and ensure it meets the aims. Once it has, it will be rolled out on all V3 Servers.
V4 Server Adjustments:
1.Resource output dramatically increased.
2.Construction no longer consumes Food.
3.Upgrade costs have been adjusted.
4.The number of Wildernesses you can occupy has been reduced, but their production has been dramatically increased.
Building's level caps increased to 50.
Tower Treasure Chests will now give more Spirit Stones and the rewards for completing stages has been changed to resources.
1.Arena resource rewards have been changed to Spirit Stones.
2.Arena cooldown system has been changed.
Training Troops will only consume Food.
Equipment upgrade system has been changed, so that it only consumes Spirit Stones when leveling up Equipment.
1. Mission rewards have been changed.

————Upcoming Updates————
Adjustment for Hero experience(A69、A82、A87、A94、A101、A125、A126)
1.Hero experience required for each level has been altered.
2.Adjust the amount of experience from Hero Training and Motivate are visibly improved.
3.Hero experience gained in the Tower is fixed now, and don't depend on the number of Troops were killed.
4.Hero can't get any experience via other battles.

Please keep an eye out for future update announcements regarding the changes to the V3 and V4 systems.

App Description

• Never Stop The Fight!•
***29 Million players and counting***
***Reached #1 Grossing Game on mobile platform in over 31 Countries!***

Join the Hero's saga! Conquer distant lands!
Build an empire, train your troops and battle with thousands of other players online!

◎“Never played strategy games before, but this one is too sick!! If you don’t think you’re into strategy games, give this a try and I swear you will love it.”

◎“I’ve met so many new friends from playing this game, the community is huge and they update it regularly, you never feel like the developers have just forgotten about it and sit back collecting their money, seems they really want players to love this game!”

Enter into a beautifully rendered world of myth and magic, where empires rise and heroes clash, and the fate of the world rests at your fingertips. Train your heroes and raise an army to defend the realm, expand the empire, and crush millions of other real world players in the theatre of conflict! Or, for the more peaceably minded among you, forge long lasting alliances with friends both old and new from across the world. There is no “correct” way to play in this massively multiplayer, non-linear fantasy land, you have but your own keen sense of strategy and the might of your chosen heroes to set you on the path to global domination!

-Free to Play
-Build an Empire
-Gather resources
-Upgrade buildings and defenses
-Raise customizable armies
-Hire upgradeable Heroes to lead troops into battle
-Invade rival Empires to expand your territory
-Forge alliances with other players
-Become the most renowned leader the world has ever seen

√Real Heroes - Each hero has special skills based on their legend. Fight as famous figures both historical and apocryphal including Joan of Arc, Achilles, Robin Hood and many more.
√Animated Battles - See your heroes in action as you pave the path to victory with your enemies' skulls! Marvel as their special skills strike multiple foes and counter incoming attacks.
√Collect & Upgrade Gear - Find materials to create powerful weapons and armor, inlay them with special gems to enhance their capabilities, giving you the edge in battle.
√Engaging PvE - Dozens of single player encounters allow you to collect extra resources, equipment, and improve your heroes.
√Diplomat or Barbarian? - Forge Alliances, or wage war on everyone around you in the hunt for more territory, more resources and more prestige!

NOTE: A network connection is required to play

We’d like to hear your feedback
Email us: aowehelp@gmail.com

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App Changes

March 11, 2014 New version 2.3.5
March 07, 2014 New version 2.3.4
February 24, 2014 New version 2.3.2
February 18, 2014 New version 2.3.1
February 17, 2014 New version 2.3.0
January 31, 2014 New version 2.2.27
November 30, -0001 Initial Release

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