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This time, a comprehensive major update, from the interface to the icon, and the system is now more fit, completely flat, followed ios8 systems pace, and now is the perfect support for the latest iPhone 6, iphone 6 puls and the latest ipad. The new feature adds augmented reality, completely first, you can open the front camera function produces reflection in the water, increasing the 14 kinds of beautiful flowers, and up to seven beautiful red and green leaves. More features continued increasing.

App Description

Pond Koi Healing refreshing Artifact: cool look, cool summer, the heat of summer are still how cool off and trouble? Well now, if you install Pond Koi, we can bring you anywhere bursts of coolness, that you are happy to spend a cool summer, environmental protection, energy saving, really cool artifact, it is your home, traveling, meditation sedative essential supplies. Do not want to put on a Pond Koi on the phone to bring you a little chilly do? Pond Koi world's most stunning truest most beautiful water ripples and koi! Very beautiful playful tangible, it is the essential software you adjust the mood, there are as many as 42 different styles of background images, can freely change every day, will not be repeated, as well as 20 kinds of background sound with rain, birds, frogs, cicadas, water droplets sound, sound of the waves, the sound of water, waterfall sound, thunderstorm sound, sound of crickets, as many as two dozen classical music, etc., with different background image if more is to bring people met every one put it down, pick up could not bear to put down, 365 days a year, every day, will not be repeated, fresh constantly. Real nice water ripples, beautiful fish swimming in real laid-back, everything is so beautiful and true, when you're in a bad mood or sleep at night, I open the Pond Koi, Koi looked at the water's leisurely swimming, listening to beautiful and lively background sound, you will want to become a beautiful fish got to go and where they leisurely swim together, full of mood and fairy-tale world, draw with your fingers about, most real and a beautiful water ripples inadvertently scattered on your finger above the waves off the water ripple is absolutely true and beautiful and you can not imagine not seen, and looking at the beautiful fish, and looking at the real wave , listening to the birds, the sound of water, rippling sound, one day troubles will vanish instantly. Mood is not good, do not sleep at night, take a look under the Pond Koi playing it, or for Zhang nice background image, change the background sound, set the time to listen to it, at the same time enjoy a cool summer slowly into sleep, do a dream now! Dreams Do not be too beautiful. Pond Koi users around the world ages, seasons throughout the year with 365 days non-stop, Pond Koi worth you have.

Koi (Cryprinus carpiod) in biology belonging carps (Cyprinidae), carp species is the largest one of all subjects, more than 1400 kinds of fish. Is popular in today's world a high-grade ornamental fish, the "living water gem", "will swim art" reputation. Water quality because of its less demanding, more complex diet, easy to breed, so welcomed by the people.

Water gurgling sound horizon, referring to the Pan-wave shock koi. Huaxiangniaoyu enjoy happy, I fish every year every year. Pond Koi perfect support for iPhone 5 and the latest IOS7 system. Pond Koi worth you have. Have questions or good suggestions please contact: [email protected]

With a grateful heart, with love to do software! Helping others, and he is happy.

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App Changes

  • June 11, 2014 Initial release
  • December 03, 2014 New version 1.2