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Perfect support iOS 9
The first time, actively cooperate with the new system to be updated to run at the new system. Please note: This is a development with the latest development tools in the latest computer system below, and then on each mobile device system with the latest system testing. Merry Christmas Happy New Year double egg festival, in the new year a better life, family happiness and blessings in the world more peaceful and better next year!

1. Fixed the problem history can not query.
2. Designed for iPad Pro optimization, big screen more exciting!
3. The software upgrade from 32 to 64.
4. Replace the Settings icon again. Software is more beautiful, more practical and more convenient.
5. Replace with a new introduction screenshots. Thank you!

Thank you download this software here, this is a very practical good software. And safe and secure, free upgrades forever. Although the software is not perfect, but I was doing with his life and development, I would go with a hundred years of sincere efforts to improve. My thanks also to everyone from the heart, because I did everything reflects the most human among the most beautiful and really good side. All along I have been in pursuit of worldly truth and love and work, without any complaints and resentment, convinced that a better world, a better society, people are kind. More in a positive attitude towards life and living and hard work. It is to make a hundred old grandfather can truly experienced a hundred years of suffering years, in more than one hundred years old and love to feel the world of the truth as soon as possible and work. This is one hundred helplessness and frustration. Software development and updating of the process, the process of pursuing the truth is that I struggled with true love. So I download my software every people are heartfelt gratitude, though you do not know. You download my software although not for this reason, but I still have to say the words in my heart. Gifts of roses, hand left lingering fragrance. You helped me, I will in the coming years to pass on such acts in good faith, in order to return the good people, the past, and now, then I will do so, I want to write me here to prove In the coming years, if one day I realized the dream of a century, my first thing to do is grateful world. Enlightened Lord willing I can bless the smooth realization of century-old dream, the dream of the century, so there is a hundred years old grandfather clean house to live, three meals a day to have a bowl of steaming white rice, is not a man trying to survive tough , I am very satisfied. Amen! I love nature, love life, love life, love family, love all the good things in the world, Thanksgiving Gratitude from the bottom of my heart, thank God, thanks for the help I was going to help those who helped my good people and, thanks to all the staff of the system! Thanksgiving world all the good things. Thank you!

App Description

Life, many people want to know the price of gold in Taiwan, especially when we want to go to Taiwan to see Taiwan's gold or buy gold and jewelry, in order to facilitate or concern when we went to Taiwan's knowledge of Taiwan's gold price and other issues to be noticed, or need to keep an eye and so on! But do not know where to look, you still can not find any software and worry about the price of gold in Taiwan trouble? Are you still using other unrelated software is not easy and depressed? Well now, Taiwan gold grand debut, anywhere can view the current understanding and other premium gold and silver floor Taiwan bank passbook gold premium, as well as the sale of gold in Taiwan to be noticed problems. Taiwan Taiwan gold know better know better the majority of users, welcome you all to sign up to download, share and comment, thank you!

Taiwan gold, allowing you to use your tablet anywhere, concerned about the latest real-time gold price information, the latest version provides the following functionality:
1. Gold premium silver floor (NT dollar / money).
2. Historical gold silver floor query (NT dollar / money): Monthly on the last day of the month in the afternoon update data to the history of gold, please manually by the user after the update query.
3. International spot gold price chart (US $ / oz).
International spot gold price chart can display 24 hours, 30 days, 60 days, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, the trend!
4. Taiwan bank passbook gold premium (NT yuan / gram).
5. Silver House recycled gold spreadsheet (NT).

If you "Taiwan gold" have any questions and suggestions, or revision of good ideas, please feel free to contact me with Email!
Contact Email: [email protected]

A man with a grateful heart, with love to do software!

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Taiwan's gold HD screenshot 1 Taiwan's gold HD screenshot 2 Taiwan's gold HD screenshot 3 Taiwan's gold HD screenshot 4 Taiwan's gold HD screenshot 5

App Changes

  • June 06, 2014 Initial release
  • December 06, 2014 New version 1.2
  • December 21, 2015 New version 9.0.0