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Maru is a traveler and a gourmet lover. Today, he traveled to the beautiful island of Taiwan. There are so many unimaginable local delicacy that Maru can enjoy here and Maru was looking forward to this feast. Unfortunately, Taiwan has been contaminated by unseen pollutions, if the pollution is not dealt with, all of the food in Taiwan will be polluted and Maru will not be able to enjoy them. Maru decided that he must find out the source of these pollutions and put an end to it! He started his expedition from the north travelling down south in search of the source of the pollutions. So begin his clean food adventure!

Taiwan’s geography is divided into North, South, Central and East 4 part areas. Each area is now occupy by a polluting monster and it’s minions. They are cause of the pollution spreading and expanding the pollution.

North – occupied by nuclear monster call Nubaki. Nubaki feeds on hatred of all, waiting for the right time to EXPLODE to further expand the pollution.
Central – occupied by a giant garbage monster call Bagster. Bagster has no fear of Armageddon because it is made of non-biodegradable material. It is waiting for that day to come.
South – occupied CO2 monster call Charburn. Charburn release tons of polluted gas into the air. His goal is cover sky with its air pollution.
East – occupied by a chemical monster call Chemmon. Chemmon never gives up making hazardous materials and it’s proud of what it does.

It is unknown why these monsters join forces and decided to expand the pollution, but no matter the reasons, it is now up to Maru to save Taiwan the beauty island FORMOSA!


On the road, Maru default to move forward, tilt the phone left to move left, tilt the right to move right.
Button on the bottom left of the screen is the jump command.
Button on the bottom right of the screen is the attack command.

When enter battle mode, there are 2 button on the bottom left of the screen, one is defense one is HP refilled. On the bottom right of the screen there are 2 attacking tool buttons and 1 regular attack tool button. First select the target enemy then touch the attack button and Maru will throw the item to attack the designated target.


Run! Run! Run! Run forward! Run through the street!

The cute Maru is control by you the player to avoid obstacles or traps, if you hit an obstacle or fell into a trap, use the food cards found on the road to return Maru’s health and keep him going!

While on the road, enemies will pop out left and right, you the player need to react fast and attack them. Powerful weapons can also be found while Maru adventuring on the road. In order to defeat the monster bosses, Maru must collect these weapons to do so.

Funny and interesting dialog before each battle, real time battle system, beware or it will you that is face the floor!

In battle, Maru and the enemies are fully animated with cute actions. Too busy to go out? Then allow Maru to take you on a trip around Taiwan, on the road Maru will lead to some must see tourist sights. Collect all kinds of local delights and monsters Maru defeated along the way. There are a lot of exciting and funny art works waiting to be collected.
Run Maru Run! Through the streets and strive for victory! YA HOO!


• Taiwan’s famous landmarks at backdrop, so Maru can fight and enjoy the sights at the same time.
• Various weapons to fight off various enemies and you can switch your weapons at any time.
• Local delights cards not only restore your health, but they are also collectable.
• Funny battle dialogs makes it more fun.
• Collect enough achievements and Maru can upgrade his defense and offense abilities, make fighting monsters easy and fun.

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App Changes

  • June 15, 2014 Initial release

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