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Electricity by nature flows into your building in an unstable manner. Over time this would have corrosive effects on all the loads and circuits as they are caused by irregular movements of electrons which generate heat and vibration. It has been reported that electrons tend to move away from the nucleus and such a trend causes “excessive collision” of electrons resulting in energy losses. Through research, synthetic infra rays could be used to mitigate excessive vibration of electrons by relieving the friction of electrons. This technology is known as the Balanced Wave technology.

If a small photon-laden-current produced by light energy wave of a specific wavelength is channeled onto the electrons constituting the flow of current in a conductor, the electron wavelength becomes longer, resulting in reduced spinning of electrons and thus reduced collision amongst the electrons.

Basically, this is achieved by controlling the irregular drifting of the otherwise free (valence) electrons at the atom’s outer orbit from an outwards spiraling (centrifugal motion) to an inwards (centripetal) motion, leading to their streamlined and smooth flow by means of the interaction between electrons and photons (photoelectric coupling).

At the core of the E-Clean Energy Saver is our patented semiconductor chip which generates the balanced wave. This chip utilizes specific wavelengths of infrared light to stabilize the vibration state of the "spinning" electrons. By stabilizing the electrons, which form electric current, we managed to reduce the heat-emitting and power-robbing collisions which normally occur as the electric current moves from the source to the desired load, thereby creating a more efficient electric current.

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