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It happens time and time again -

You've bought a present for someone for Christmas, and they bought you something in return. That's all great - but you've got a sneaking suspicion you've both bought the same thing...

So how do you find out, without revealing the secret?

Hmmm, you thinking what I'm thinking?

So it's prom night and you and a friend are going on a double date. You want to keep your outfit secret, naturally, but again - you suspect your friend is going to wear the same thing. Dilemma number two or what?!

Hey, pssst... You thinking what I'm thinking?

Okay - final situation: You are at a trade fair with a colleague, listening to a talk about new product ideas. Suddenly something you hear gives you a brainwave. Eureka! BUT - your colleague has an epiphany too! So - you both got the same idea? Don't want to let the cat out the bag if not...

Oi, sonny - you thinking what I'm thinking?

YTWIT is a simple but essential app which will compare two bits of information and provide a comparison. Both parties can rest assured their side of the equation remains secret.

If the result is more than 40% then it's beginninging to look likely you may both be barking up the same tree. Anything less than 40%, and you're probably in the clear - for now.

YTWIT is quick and easy to use. A comprehensive comparison algorithm will give you a reliable conclusion on which to base your next move.

Why not try several attempts to get a more accurate set of results? Just change the wording of your idea in case you missed something.

It's quick and it's easy!

Try it today!

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  • June 11, 2014 Initial release