What's New

We have added some really useful new capabilities in this release.

Swipe to the right on the search bar to dismiss the search bar keyboard. This is very useful on the iPhone which has no keyboard dismiss button.

You can now specify non-operating accounts in the chart of accounts. The app can now support things such as showing the before and after tax profit amounts on the profit and loss report. Change your "Income tax expense" accounts to be a "Non-Operating Expense" type instead of a normal "Expense" account type. You will then get a gross profit total on the report followed by a net (after tax) profit total on the report.

The expense budget report layout has been updated to include clearer titles and a budget amount remaining column.

The job facility has been enhanced with an "Inactive" job indicator to retire old jobs from the jobs list while retaining them in the system for historical purposes.

We added an app setting to allow the remembering of prior search criteria to be turned on or off as required. The default is for this facility to be turned on.

You can now email any of the reports in either PDF or CSV format. You can also use the "Open with..." function with either the PDF or CSV format. The CSV files can be opened in Excel or Numbers or your other favourite spreadsheet program.

The pricing groups capability has been enhanced to allow you to specify prices on inventory, products, and services based on date periods as well as by currency. So you can now specify change over pricing ahead of time and the program will pick up the appropriate price for the item when used on sales or purchases. If you specify an item date on a line item then that will be used to determine the price to use, otherwise the sale (or purchase) date will be used.

We have added an "Add Item" button to the header section for line items to allow you to quickly add line items without scrolling to the bottom of the list. This is available on the sale, receipt, purchase, payment, and general journal screens.

We have also improved some existing capabilities by reducing the memory required to perform certain memory intensive tasks.

*** If you have a lot of data or an older device then the upgrade may take a while. Please be patient while this occurs. ***

Please note: The Bookkeeping program generates CSV files for reports in UTF-8 encoding by default (this can be changed in the App Settings if required). UTF-8 format allows the CSV file to be opened in Microsoft Excel with the 'Open CSV with...' function and also opened in Apple Numbers using the same function. The Microsoft Excel open function for UTF-8 CSV files does not currently process non-english language characters or symbols such as Euro symbol; Apple Numbers opens UTF-8 CSV files including processing non-english language characters. You can change the CSV file encoding to Unicode if you wish. Unicode format can be imported into Microsoft Excel using the Microsoft Excel Import CSV facility in that program; refer to Microsoft help if you require more information about that facility in Microsoft Excel. Opening a Unicode CSV file with Microsoft Excel results in Microsoft Excel treating the file as a text file and not a CSV file. Apple Numbers can open a Unicode CSV file and treat it as a CSV file. We have provided the ability to select the CSV file encoding in the App Settings of Bookkeeping so that you can produce the CSV encoding format that works best with your particular spreadsheet program.

App Description


Bookkeeping Pro version 4 is a self contained mobile bookkeeping and invoicing solution for your iPad and iPhone. It has multi-device synchronisation so you can work on your books on any of your devices no matter where you are, and it supports as many or as few currencies as you need.

You don't need to purchase an expensive desktop accounting package or pay monthly online fees. With Bookkeeping Pro you have a fully functional program right on your iPad and iPhone.

Bookkeeping Pro is used in over 40 countries including the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and South Africa. It is highly customisable to meet the bookkeeping needs that are specific to your country.

We have been supporting users of Bookkeeping since February 2010 when Bookkeeping1 was released.

Bookkeeping Pro has all of the features built in for the one price with NO in app purchases for additional functionality.

Bookkeeping Pro features …
- Unlimited Separate Books
- Unlimited Transactions
- Invoicing , Quotations , RFQs , Purchase Orders
- Email or Print all Invoices, Quotes, Orders, and Reports in convenient PDF format
- Adjustments, Returns, Refunds
- Supports non-standard financial periods
- Recurring transactions
- Cheque Book, Deposit Book, Bank Transfers
- Bank Reconciliation
- Import Bank Transactions
- General Journal
- Expense Budgeting
- Configurable sales tax codes (Sales Tax, VAT Tax, Goods and Service Taxes, etc)
- Multiple sales taxes per line item
- Complex sales taxes (e.g. Canadian PST+GST, Philippines)
- Calculate levies, duties, importation taxes
- Calculate credit card merchant fees deducted from payments
- Dropbox integration
- AirPrint and WePrint printing
- Products, Services, & Inventory
- Separate product prices per currency
- Automatic Cost of Goods Sold calculations
- Share Portfolio
- Employees
- Multi-Currency Support
- Foreign currency transactions
- Foreign currency bank accounts
- Global Search
- Job Tracking
- iTunesConnect Imports
- Enhanced Bank Reconciliation
- Departments & Trading Names
- Multi-Device Synchronisation
- Extensive configuration options to tailor to your needs
- 47 Reports (Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, etc)
- Taxable Payments Reporting for the Australian Building and Construction industry
- Australian BAS Worksheet reporting
- Built in tax codes for Australian GST
- Support for WET (Wine Equilisation Taxes)
- GST Compliant Adjustment Notes

Please visit our website for a full description of all of the capabilities of the program.

If you are not sure whether Bookkeeping Pro is right for you then why not contact us at help.warby.com or try Bookkeeping LTE first which is a limited edition of Bookkeeping Pro.

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App Changes

October 04, 2014 Price Decrease: $29.99 -> $23.99
October 04, 2014 New version 4.7.0
February 14, 2014 New version 4.4.0
February 05, 2014 New version 4.3.1
January 29, 2014 Price Decrease: $35.99 -> $29.99
January 29, 2014 New version 4.3.0
November 19, 2013 Price Decrease: $44.99 -> $35.99
November 01, 2013 New version 4.2.0
November 30, -0001 Initial Release

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