What's New

This upgrade corrects several irregularities in the extension spring design program as follows:

1. Corrected and error in spring rate calculation when designing an ID constrained spring. This occurs when the selector is set to ID and a dimension is specified rather than an OD specified.

2. Corrected an error in calculating bending stress in the hooks when small units are selected such as ounces or grams.

3. Corrected a warning that bending stress exceeds design stress when the recommended limit is 75% of tensile strength. The original program warned when the bending stress exceeded 45% of tensile strength.

App Description

Historically spring design has always been a challenge. In a manufacturing environment the use of stock springs has always been the first approach. But then the design changes a little or the stock spring is not quite what is needed and the designer must resort to designing a spring modification or a spring from scratch. This program provides a simplified method to design extension springs or verifying stock spring offerings with slightly different parameters.

-Use as stand alone or to compare commercial springs.
-Calculates all spring parameters force, stress and deflection as you edit.
-Change inputs using adjustors or retro keyboard entry.
-Select from 12 Standard Materials or define Your Own.
-Warns for design errors and corrects for installed length less than free length.
-Complete Help, Glossary and design error definition screens.
-Save and retrieve user defined springs.
-Email result file and data to home computer to be opened in any spreadsheet or text-editing program. Includes an image of the design screen for printing.
-Warns for zero entries.
-English or Metric Units with forces in Pounds or Ounces and in Metric Newton’s or Grams.
-Left or right hand wound springs.
-Recommendations for electroplating and heat-treating with documentation references.

Note: As with all complicated computer programs the user is responsible for verification, application and use. This program is a guide to understanding that uses approximations to simulate compression springs.

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Extension Spring Design by Ray Tools screenshot 1 Extension Spring Design by Ray Tools screenshot 2 Extension Spring Design by Ray Tools screenshot 3

App Changes

  • June 13, 2014 Initial release