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App Description

WOD UNBOXED isn’t just a tracker, a timer or a feed of WODs. Designed and instructed by CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Ranier Gadduang, this app is your ultimate digital trainer—it generates custom WODs and coaches you through constantly varied, highly functional, high intensity workouts. These media rich, interactive workouts combine the best of all the other apps into simple, action-driven workout experiences.

Whether you're new to WOD style cross-training or have a second home at your local Box, this app will push you harder and help pace you throughout your workouts. Ranier and his team of coaches instruct you on proper form with HD motion images and real voice cues—simulating the small group training environment—while timers, round counters and motivational cues push you to the edge.

WOD UNBOXED also builds adaptive WODs for any location (home, gym or box), time, and fitness level, allowing anyone to experience WOD style cross-training anywhere. Select your available equipment, choose your fitness level and time, and voilà—a custom WOD is generated based on Coach Ranier’s program design principles.

The FREE version of this app includes some popular benchmark WODs and 3 custom workout builds, while paid Expansion Packs offer these additional features:

• WOD BUILDER: create unlimited, diverse WODs, adapted to your level, equipment and schedule.

• GAIN PLAN: this smart, sweat-tracking calendar enables you to set up your perfect workout schedule, with workout reminders, smart rescheduling and a motivational Workout Streak.

• EXPANSION PACKS: bundles of advanced exercises and specialized movements that will take your performance to the next level.

And these hot new features are Coming Soon:

• WORKOUT BUDDIES: share your Workout-of-the-Day with a friend (or enemy) to get the competitive juices flowing and train with virtual box buddies.

• BENCHMARK ASSESSMENT: score your benchmark WODs relative to other exercisers in the GAIN community, and get workout recommendations tailored to your skill level.

While developing this app, we became so obsessive about getting the WOD workout experience just right that we engineered an insane new feature called “Pocket Mode." POCKET MODE enables two cutting-edge kinetic input methods to keep your workout flowing: “Vertical Swipe” and “Double Pat," which uses the iPhone’s motion sensors to take input without even taking the phone out of your pocket.

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App Changes

September 19, 2014 New version 7.3
January 29, 2014 New version 7.2
November 17, 2013 New version 6.6
September 26, 2013 New version 6.4
September 13, 2013 New version 6.1
May 06, 2013 New version 5.0
April 12, 2013 Initial Release

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