App Description

You Might have heard the below 3 statements at least 100000000 times in your Life!
1. You Reap What You Sow!
2. For Every Cause there is an Effect!
3. Every Action will produce an equal and opposite Reaction!

What are all of the above saying? It is all talking about "Law of Karma"

Couple of things about what does LAW mean!
▪ LAW doesn't obey our rules and is always 100% Accurate. For example Gravity doesn't ask our permission whether to pull you down or not when we jump from a building.
▪ LAW is not Visible like Air, but is True and always Functions accurately

So, lets get REAL and lets not wait for Luck! and let's keep three things in mind
▪ If we do Good , we get Good Results in whatever Field
▪ If we do Bad, we get Bad Results in whatever Field
▪ If we remain Neutral, then we Stagnate and Decay!

This app will serve as a personal Karma Meter and Journal with social media interactions and reminders!

"LAW OF KARMA" app has following features

✓ Record Any Activity(i.e Karma) You have done.
✓ View Activities under Good/Bad/Neutral Category. Also, it will show details like what kind of activity (i.e Thought/Speech/Action). The activities are searchable also, so that you can do quick actions.
✓ Perform the following Actions on any Activity(you need to select the activity first)
----->Share via Facebook/Twitter/Email
----->If You repeated any activity, you can just click on "Action Done" button
----->Delete the Activity
✓ View your Karmic Balance via a Bar Graph
✓ The app provided 6 good Karma Tips you can Try out. Also, you can keep adding and maintain your own Good Karma Tips as you find out in your life. These Tips can be shareable via Email!
✓ Set/Reset Alarms of Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly Frequency so that you are kept in focus to Review and Set Right Your Karmic Balance (please note, the first monthly reminder is after 30 days and the rest will follow calendar month)
✓ Delete All Activities if you want to start a Fresh!

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App Changes

  • March 09, 2013 Initial release