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随身阅(Portable reading)是一个为注重个人成长和追求生活品质的白领女性量身定做的电子阅读器。她提供与女性生活密切相关的主题内容,譬如职场、情感、健康、美容服饰、家庭理财及两性等内容。自信的神态、入时的打扮、丰富的阅历、美满的家庭、幸福的婚姻是每个女子都期望获得的,为这一目标,我们秉着修身、齐家的传统精神,把优质生活的理念渗透到每一个细节里,向大众展示出了现代女子精致的一面。我们在不断的成长,也在不断的完善自己,要让自己看到有变化,更要让别人产生变化,这是我们的追求和目标。
Portable reading is a tailor-made for the importance of personal growth and the pursuit of quality of life of the female white-collar electronic reader. She provides and female life is closely related to the theme, such as career, emotion, health, Beauty & fashion, family financial management and gender etc.. Confident manner, in dress, rich experience, happy family, happy marriage is every woman is expected, for this goal, the traditional spirit of our faith cultivation, Qijia, the quality of life concept infiltrate every detail, to show the modern women's delicate side. We continue to grow, but also at continuously perfect oneself, let oneself see a change, let others produce change, this is our pursuit and objectives.
1, convenient directory function

2, Conversion night day background, protect the good for the eyes

3, fast flip function Size
4, free to change the font, each reader

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  • June 04, 2014 Initial release