App Description

ClipPair is an app that can transfer text stored on the clipboard between two iOS devices. It uses Bluetooth, so does not require Wifi or an internet connection.

※ attention ※
The transmission will fail when sending data from an iOS 6.0 device to an iOS 6.1 device, if the recipient (the 6.1 device) is in background mode. (This issue does not occur when transmitting data in the opposite direction, or between two 6.0 devices or two 6.1 devices.)

■ ClipPair is useful in these situations!
- You've found an interesting app on iPhone! You want to send the URL to your iPad! → ClipPair can do this instantly with simple operations!
- You want to browse the web page you're looking at on your iPhone on your iPad! → Transfer it easily with ClipPair's bookmarklet.
- You want to transfer the text you are editing on iPhone to your iPad and continue editing! → ClipPair can transfer long texts, no problem!

■ Characteristics
- Even if there is no Wifi or 3G availability, text can be transferred easily between two devices.
- Receiving is possible even when in the background (setting is required).
- Once a URL is received, it can immediately be opened in the browser.
- Using the bookmarklet, the web page that is being viewed can be transferred easily.
- On the first authentication between devices, a simple authentication procedure is implemented to ensure safety (once authorized, authentication is omitted on subsequent attempts to connect).

■ How to Use
1. First, check that Bluetooth is enabled.
2. Start ClipPair on both the sending and receiving devices.
3. In the ClipPair on the sending device, select the text to transfer.
4. Tap "search and send."
5. Select the device to send to.
6. A password will be requested. Enter this on the receiving ClipPair.

(*) For details, please watch the video. →

iPhone Screenshots

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ClipPair for iOS screenshot 1 ClipPair for iOS screenshot 2 ClipPair for iOS screenshot 3 ClipPair for iOS screenshot 4 ClipPair for iOS screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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ClipPair for iOS screenshot 6 ClipPair for iOS screenshot 7 ClipPair for iOS screenshot 8 ClipPair for iOS screenshot 9 ClipPair for iOS screenshot 10

App Changes

  • February 19, 2013 Initial release