What's New

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* What's new *
- Added '<' to quick HTML toolbar
- Added 'Clear' button for clearing code view

* Bug fixes *
- App Optimizations
- URL Scheme (open websites in HTML Playground by going to an address like htmlpg://www.apple.com)

App Description

** Discount Price for Limited Time **

Cleanest, simplest and most dynamic HTML editor in the App Store for both beginners and HTML experts! A true playground for HTML!

I love modifying existing websites and fooling my friends!

HTML Playground is full of the features you need to develop webpages on the fly. Whether just learning or a seasoned coder, HTML Playground offers a wide range of supported technologies and quick/easy input and navigation.

- Easy HTML input with most used tags on the keyboard
- HTML5 Supported!
- JavaScript Supported!
- CSS Supported!
- Tutorials included (HTML/JavaScript/CSS)
- Create... new webpages
- Import... existing webpages
- Export... created webpages
- Flexible views for heads down coding or viewing
- Search for finding the right line of code
- History for custom and imported webpages
- Import webpages directly with htmlpg:// URL scheme
- much more...

* Designed for HTML developers *
Using the iOS keyboard can be difficult at times. Especially when you have to enter lots of special characters like <, >, =, or tabs! Fortunately for you, HTML Playground is design specifically for HTML developers. Scrollable toolbars sit on top of the keyboard offering dozens of quick access tags with proper cursor position that will allow you to quickly write code on the fly.

Moving the cursor around a code editor can be very difficult as well on iOS. Fortunately for you, HTML Playground has another toolbar that sits on top of the keyboard that gives you full control of your cursor. This allows you to quickly scroll to the top, bottom, beginning of a line, end of line, or single characters left and right VERY quickly and VERY simply.

Need more space to view code? Need more space to view your webpage masterpiece? HTML Playground has you covered. Easy tap and drag motions resize the editor or viewer window allowing you to create your perfect custom development environment!

* Wide range of supported technologies *
Many client side scripting technologies are supported in HTML Playground. Whether you fancy yourself an HTML/HTML5 guru or looking to learn a little JavaScript and CSS, our editor is primed to not just let you write your code, but quickly give you the visual feedback developers crave!

* Beginners Welcome! *
Looking to learn HTML, JavaScript, or CSS? Well there is an app for that and it is right here! HTML Playground puts tutorials right at your fingertips for fun and easy learning. Tutorials are written so that you receive immediate feedback as you modify code. Tutorials are written as webpages, so that you can view the code behind the tutorial and learn by changing the code and seeing what happens. Helpful comments are included in all the tutorial code so that even the most junior developer will be successful.

* Create... Import... Export... *
Whether you fancy creating a brand new webpage from scratch or importing your favorite online hangout to see what the code looks like and change it... HTML Playground has you covered. Quick and easy HTML input will have you creating in new time. And if you prefer to import a website to use as a template or are just curious what the code behind the site looks like, let it fly! When you finish up, you can export your HTML to send to friends or to yourself.

* Search *
Websites can contain hundreds of lines of HTML. How do you find the right line you want to modify? You search for it of course! Easy search will find your code and highlight it for you to modify. And once you make and view those changes, you can always click back to view the original.

Thanks for downloading HTML Playground, we love developing simple, useful, and fun apps. Please let us know if there is any way that we can make your HTML Playground experience better!

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App Changes

  • June 07, 2014 Initial release

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