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***Congrats, Welcome to No.1 Guilt Killer App! of this Kind!**

Well Know Medical Authorities and Successful people around the World have proven that GUILT is the root cause of almost all the diseases and failures.

A person who has committed some mistake will be punished when he is found GUILTY, but if you observe your own mind, there is a big Court there, where the Judge is finding you guilty all the time and punishing you all the time. This is not fair! , but unfortunately you are the JUDGE and you are only getting convicted all the time! Snap out!

Resolving Guilt is like removing a huge Rock on your heart and the result is that a Stream of Happiness and Well being can arise within you!

Everybody's Heart is filled with some GUILTS and "myGuilts app" is one step towards the removal of these GUILTS.

Features of "myGuilts apps" are

a) Record all your Guilts right from your Childhood
b) View your Guilts categorized by
-------⁃>Negligible Guilts
-------> Considerable Guilts
------->Serious Guilts
c) View your Guilts categorized by the Reason for being Guilt. There are 7 well known categories
d) Record Action taken on Your Guilt. The Actions will appear only if there guilts and the Actions are
------->Consulting an Expert or a Well wisher
------->Burning the Guilt.
e) Share Your Guilt(editable) via
f) Set/Reset Reminders of Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly so that you can resolve guilts fast. (note: first monthly reminder will be after 30 days and the rest of months will follow calendar)
g) Delete single or all Guilts at once if you wish to restart.

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App Changes

  • June 12, 2014 Initial release