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Test your reaction and agility in this cute swiping and matching game, featuring four different and addictive love themed modes. Use angelic power-ups to help you along, and play through numerous levels as you try your hardest to master the game. Beat your friend's scores on the leader boards and share your successes with them on Facebook!

♡ Brilliant visuals, which look absolutely stunning on the new HD iPads and iPhone 5.
♡ Love theme with lots of cute graphics.
♡ Four uniquely different modes; Arcade, Collector, Score Panic and Time Attack
♡ Each mode is easy to learn, yet hard to master.
♡ Angelic power ups.
♡ Separate leader boards for each mode and a combined board to show who's really the champion!
♡ Climb the leader boards and share your success with your friends on Facebook.
♡ Progress is saved in every mode - try out the different modes without losing your saves.

Swipe and match the pieces to destroy the light blue tiles on the board. The level is complete when all light blue tiles have been cleared. Watch out for 'locked' and frozen pieces. Try and swipe long chains of pieces to earn bonus points and power ups. This will be key to your success in the higher levels.

Collect the required number of love related items to complete the level. Sounds simple, right?

Can you reach the target score before your time runs out? The target score is increased after every level making this mode more and more challenging. Just don't panic!

Collect a target number of hearts as you race against the clock, the type of heart is not important, just get them! Lookout for the 'Extra Time' power up - it's really going to help you with its time stopping abilities!


Match 3 games are puzzle games. You need to match 3 or more objects by swiping pieces with your finger in any direction. Swiped pieces are removed from the board and new pieces dropped back onto the board. Matching more than 6 pieces can trigger the spawning of power ups with special abilities, helping you clear larger areas of the board.

Massive scores can be quickly achieved by swiping very large chains and you may be rewarded with a power up or special piece :


♡ Cool As A Ninja
This laid-back cherub wants to help YOU! Double tapping her will unleash her cold fury, causing her to destroy all pieces that match her colour.

♡ Multi-Colored Muse
This colourful cherub is a special piece that when activated will fire a swathe of arrows, randomly destroying some of the pieces.

♡ Burning Love!
This bad boy gives out an immense boiling heat which is capable of totally destroying all pieces in the same vertical, horizontal line and diagonal line.

♡ Jilted Lover!
She is absolutely fuming and will destroy all the pieces in her immediate area. Double tap to release the anger and blow her past loves to smithereens!

♡ Extra Time!
Double tap to pause the timer for a short while. Hurry though, it doesn't last forever!


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App Changes

  • February 03, 2013 Initial release