What's New

Less price!

* Cut Advanced Pack price in half
* Fixed the spelling error in an Alert (Thanks for reporting it!)
* Reduced prices for Gold
* Slight performance improvement

iOS 6+ Exclusive
* Replaced the Review's Redirect with App Store Overlay

App Description

Welcome to the wonderful ad-free world of Hangman Unlimited! Hangman is a fun, sometimes educational game where a person or computer picks a word, and a(nother) player tries to guess it by picking letters out of the alphabet.

Usually, each wrong letter results in a drawn body part. To win, you have to figure out the complete word before the body is completely drawn! If you don't... it's game over.

Hangman Unlimited is our first public project and... in the appearance sector, it falls short a bit. We apologize, but we feel we've made up for this with ease of use, stability and feature-richness relative to Hangman.

Some common concerns from players of other Hangman games?
* NO ads.
* NO inappropriate words.
* NO misspelled words.
* NO multiple words combined into one (Barring those that are legitimate).
* YES, every single word/phrase has exactly three hints.
* YES, you can turn categories off if you don't want to guess the words in them.
(Minimum number of categories: 4)

Let's go over some features, shall we?
* Two player support (Locally and Game Center)!
* Up to one removed body part per game!
* Up to one random letter per game!
* Up to three hints per game!
* 150 words free, with almost 1,000 more in packs of 30+!
* Leaderboard!
* Dictionary defines at the end of each game!
(Dictionary does NOT work on phrases)

For those curious: 1,147 total words so far, including the first 150.

Previously Planned Future
* Multiplayer via Game Center (Added 1.2)

Planned Future for Hangman Unlimited
- Graphics (Make it Prettier)
- (More) Categories
- Simplified Categories and Store
- iCloud Support
- Customization
- Story Mode
- Much, much more.

We need your help to achieve all of this. If you like this game, help support us by giving us a review! Be sure to share your thoughts on what you believe can be improved, too. We'll see what we can do!

If you're into harder words, or want to pick harder words for your opponents, we recommend taking a look at our Advanced Pack. 120 of the hardest-to-guess words we could find for Hangman!

We try hard in all of our projects to avoid bugs, crashes and anything else considered frustrating or unsightly to a player. If you spot anything fishy, don't hesitate to let us know!

iPhone Screenshots

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iPad Screenshots

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App Changes

  • February 15, 2013 Initial release
  • February 22, 2013 New version 1.1
  • March 15, 2013 New version 1.2
  • April 24, 2013 New version 1.2.1