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1. Updated Facebook Share/Like Functionality.

2. Various bug fixes.

3. Added Auto-Renewing Subscription.

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App Description

The VirtualBrowser for Firefox App connects you to the real Mozilla Firefoxยฎ browser with 'desktop-class' features like these:
โ–ถ Flash Player ยน โ–ถ Java ยน โ–ถ Add-ons, Plug-ins, Extensions & Skins +
โ€€โ€€Browse and use Flash-based websites, apps such as:
Games โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ Productivity โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€ Videoยน, e-cards & entertainment
------------ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€---------------------- โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€--------------
Facebookโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€Preziโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€JibJab
- Farm/CityVilleโ€€โ€€ โ€€ Adobe acrobat.comโ€€ โ€€Paperless post
- Poker โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€ โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€CreatePDF.comโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€Jacqui Lawson
-โ€€Evonyโ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€ โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€Sliderocketโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€BlueMountain
Bridgebaseโ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€Aviaryโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€ โ€€American Greetings
Animal Jamโ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€ โ€€Microsoft Office365โ€€โ€€โ€€Hallmark.com
โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€Google Docs ...& many more

โ–ถ Java ยน
โ€€VirtualBrowser for Firefox lets you run almost any Java application such as:
โ€€> Runescape
โ€€> PartyPoker
โ€€> Gametable
โ€€> Etrade Pro Elite
โ€€> Scottrade
โ€€> NetDania NetStation
โ€€> Aleks
โ€€> Blackboard Collaborate
โ€€> United Unimatic
โ€€...and many more.

โ–ถ Add-ons, Plug-ins, Extensions & Skins +
โ€€With VirtualBrowser for Firefox you can take advantage of all the customization and integrated features offered in Firefox Add-ons, Plug-ins, Toolbars and Extensions, including:
โ€€> Evernote Web Clipper
โ€€> Yahoo! Toolbar
โ€€> Adblock Plus
โ€€> Lastpass
โ€€> Xmarks
โ€€> Awesome Screenshot Plus
โ€€> Themes
โ€€> Springpad
... and tons more!

โ–ถ Sync +
Browse more, type less: Login with your Mozilla ID and Firefox Sync bookmarks, Add-ons, history, tabs, etc. from your Firefox account on your home or work computer.
Sync with other browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari by installing Add-on/Extensions like Xmarks, Lastpass, Roboform, Dashlane and others

โ–ถ Powerful standard features (in all editions)
> Fullscreen Mode โ€“ hides address bar, menus and tabs so you can use the full display
> Private browsing Mode
> Mouse mode lets you use 'hover' and mouse-over menus and features on websites
> Right-click 'contextual' menus
> Multi-tab and multi-window usage
> Ctrl, Alt, Esc, Tab, and Arrow keys

Items marked ยน Premium option required
Items marked + Premium is recommended

Premium edition feature comparison:

โ€€ โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€Basic/Standard edition โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€Premium (in-App Purchase)
Video Modeโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ Trialโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ–ถ Yes
Flashโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ Yesโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ–ถ Yes
Javaโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ Trialโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ–ถ Yes Java
Anonymous โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€ โ€€all sessionsโ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ–ถ optional "Firefox private sessions"
Save dataโ€€+ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€ Noโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ–ถ Yes
Secure VPN โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€No โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€ โ€€โ€€โ–ถ Yes Premium connections are encrypted, and no browsing history or cache is ever stored on your device.

How it works/Notes:
- When you use VirtualBrowser for Firefox, you connect 'remotely' from your iPad to Xform Computing's high performance Cloud service in one of our 2 secure data centers: Los Angeles, California, or Europe:Sofia,Bulgaria (whichever is closer). The farther you are from these locations, the more latency/delay you may experience.
- View is Landscape only at this time.

> Important Auto-Renewing Information:
- Subscription is recurring month to month at $1.99 per month.
- Subscription automatically renews unless notification is present before end of billing cycle.
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

Questions or Feedback? Contact us at support@xformcomputing.com or Tweet @AlwaysOnApps

Firefox ยฎ is a trademark of Mozilla Foundation.
Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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App Changes

August 05, 2014 Price Decrease: $5.99 -> $4.99
August 05, 2014 New version 2.0.6
January 29, 2014 New version 2.0.2
October 10, 2013 New version 1.0.4
October 04, 2013 Price Decrease: $4.99 -> $1.99
November 30, -0001 Initial Release

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