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Improved timer, such that counter continues even when device is off - for long term meetings.

App Description

Tired of spending tons of time and money on meetings? Had trouble getting everyone focussed? The Meet Counter keeps it real by updating how much your meeting is costing you as it happens, so you can get to the business at hand - faster and cheaper.

Money isn't everything, but...

- Have you ever had a long-winded colleague waste valuable time and your company's money?
- Have you ever had trouble getting a meeting started, due to water-cooler discussion?
- Have you ever had a meeting over a small-money issue that cost you big-money in employee salary or consultant fees?
- Do you think better planning could save you money for future meetings?

The Meet Counter provides an easy way to calculate the actual cost of a meeting on a second-by-second basis. Enter a mix of annual salaries, day or hourly contract rates, plus fixed expenses - then display how much money is running through your fingers - updating the total every second.

Great for getting a meeting started on time, and keeping it real while it's happening!

"We met for over an hour about how to save 40 dollars per month on a different IT plan. With the Meet Counter, I would have stopped that in it's tracks. We spent nearly $800 of employee time to figure that out. That won't happen again…" - CFO of Engineering Firm

"I treated my 3 employees to a business lunch that cost me $100, but Meet Counter told me that our collective time was worth more than a $150. So in taking my employees out for lunch, I actually made money!" - Small Business Owner

Product Features:
- Displays combined costs of annual salaries, hourly or daily contract rates and fixed expenses - incrementing a per-second cost basis - to keep your meeting costs controlled.
- You can add or remove costs while the counter is running with display updating any changes.
- You can pause, re-start and reset a meeting total at any time.
- Displays "time amortized" hourly estimates, fixed cost totals and an estimated hourly total - for optimizing and planning future meetings.
- Localized for all major currencies.
- Display can be used privately or can be displayed in landscape position for meeting-wide display - and on iPad for those of us who are really obnoxious!
- Display will not sleep, while clock is running and you are on the display page.

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App Changes

  • June 12, 2014 Initial release