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Playing Star Catcher involves careful aim, matching and strategic reasoning. Players use eye-hand coordination to help a friendly space traveler aim swirling orbs toward matching colors. This begins the process of collecting these beautiful energy orbs for an increasingly long journey.

Although players do not need a firm understanding of multiplication or addition to play Star Catcher, our gameplay and scoring teach lessons about multistep math and tallying. Players of all ages can enjoy the galactic world of Star Catcher!

A positionable colorful arrow (ray) defines the angle of a player’s aim. Pull back and release to connect matching colorful orbs.

Players need to connect at least 3 matching orbs to score. Each orb is worth a value of 10 points. Simple multiplication equations, such as 10 x 3 = 30 are displayed in lower right corner.

Each new score is added to the total. Equations such as 170 + 30 = 200 are displayed in upper left corner.

TOP 100: Keyboard fun fictional names or use your own to remember scores.
SOUND ON/OFF: Sound effects such as zaps and zings can be turned on or off.
MUSIC ON/OFF: Happy, active music can be turned on or off.
VIBRATE ON/OFF: Only on devices with vibrate mode (not on iPad).
SHAKE ON/OFF: Players can hold their device upright & shake orbs closer to the arrow.
TUTORIAL: Explains theme, gameplay, scoring & bonus features.
BONUS FEATURES: (pictured in tutorial) special orbs add excitement & strategy:
-TWISTER = extra time!
-SPARKY = all matching colors are collected!
-LOOPER = all nearby orbs are collected!
LEVEL UP! is announced when players reach a new experience level.

-Encourage science investigations of space travel, energy, nebula and stars.
-Encourage imaginative role play with fanciful space dramas and travel theme.
-Encourage descriptive language by asking children to describe the gameplay.
-Encourage inventiveness by imagining spaceships of your own design.
-Encourage deeper understanding of math by discussing this app’s scoring.
-Encourage creative storytelling. Write imaginative tales for this space character.

-Top 100: Students keyboard real names or fun character names when logging scores.
-All Mrs. Judd’s Games correlate with US Common Core State Standards, such as:
-(K.CC) By kindergarten counting and number value are invaluable in mathwork.
-(K.OA- 1.OA) Combining orbs in gameplay actively demonstrates addition.
-(2.NBT) By 2nd grade students work with three digit numbers, and group by 10.
-(3.NBT) By 3rd grade students multiply one-digit numbers by multiples of 10.
-(3.0A) By 3rd grade students solve two step problems. Our scoring helps this skill.
-(4.G.1) By 4th grade students begin to explore rays and angles in mathwork.

I hope you enjoy Star Catcher!

Mrs. Judd
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App Changes

  • June 10, 2014 Initial release
  • September 13, 2014 Price increase: FREE! -> $0.99