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In a nutshell - this app will help you lose (or acquire) the habit of your choice using the method which one of the world's greatest psychiatrist used. Interested? Read on for details.

*** Are you wondering whether do you need this app or not? See 5-questions Quiz below and find it out! ***

The method is called "Ordeal therapy". Milton Hyland Erickson has extensively used it, and we can say invented it. It is described in great detail in a classic book "Ordeal Therapy: Unusual Ways to Change Behavior", by Jay Haley, but below you'll find a brief description.

The method is based on a very simple idea - if you are to choose between two alternatives, two evils, you will always choose the one which is a lesser evil. That's the common sense, and that's how most living creatures behave themselves. But imagine that one of the alternatives is something that you don't like to do - for example going to gym, staying on a diet or not smoking. How can we force you to stick to a good behavior? Answer is dead simple - we need to present you with a choice, a second alternative which will be a bigger evil than going to gym! For example - you will lose money if you don't go. Will that influence you decision making process? Say, what will you choose - lose 100 dollars or go to gym? We think the answer is obvious.

Get this app now and see an illustrated version of these explanations.

And, finally, how this app works:

1. You enter the habit you want to get rid of

2. You track you progress towards this goal daily

3. If you succeed, you receive promotion as a level-up

4. If you don't, you pay. Small sums at first, but gradually going up if you don't confirm to standards you set before yourself. This is done as in-app purchase.

5. If you have managed to reach level 30, you can say that you mastered this habit, and can go to next one.

*** Quick Quiz ***

Answer 5 simple question with "yes/no" and see whether do you need this app:

1. Do you feel you need something changed in your life?

2. Do you have any destructive habit?

3. Have you tried changing something in your life several times but failed?

4. Do you feel you need some more motivation to do something?

5. Do you want to become more effective in a particular area?

If you have answered two or more questions with "yes", you should seriously consider changing your habits with HabitBreaker.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HabitBreakerOff

Disclaimer: this app will not heal any serious mental or other illness; it's intended to motivate people to change their habits. If you think you have a serious problem, please see your doctor.

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