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Understanding exponential equations can be daunting task but this program simplifies understanding. Both from an educational standpoint where the student needs to understand coefficients and intercepts or from an engineering standpoint where the user needs to understand the relationship of electrical charge on a capacitor this program solves equations in a user friendly environment. Both a help screen and glossary of terms screen have been included to simplify understanding. The equation of the curve takes the form of Y = e^x or Y =(1- e^x). Coefficient variables a, b and c have been added to make the program more flexible but initially they can be set to a = 1 b = 1 and c = 0 for simplicity. A “Solve For:” button allows the problem to be setup in either form as described above. Using the adjustor controls or retro keyboard the equation is displayed automatically. A graph shows the actual curve and the user can manually change the scale to achieve the desired view. Both X and Y intercepts are calculated and displayed. If the curve does not intersect the X axis a no intercept message is displayed. This is all very confusing at first but this program helps to simplify understanding by using adjuster inputs to see how changing the values affect the result. a graph of the actual curve or line is displayed as the variables are changed. Help and glossary screens are also provided to further help in understanding exponential equations. When you are done simply Email the results to your home computer for further analysis. This program is a must for Students and Engineers. It makes the complex understandable. Simply the best exponential equation program.

- Updates as You Edit
- Number Pad Digital Entry
- Solve for intercepts.
- Calculates y = a*e^b*x + c or y = a(1-e^b*x) + c.
- Graphs the actual curve to visually relate the equation.
- Help Screen, Glossary and Email

As with all complicated programs this program should be used for reference and learning and the user assumes responsibility for verification, use and application.

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This app was developed by Raymond Seymour, after working at General Electric for 37 years he’s now making Engineering apps for iOS. As an inventor he has over 60 granted U.S. Patents.

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App Changes

  • June 17, 2014 Initial release