What's New

- Random delivery of reminders is now even more random (thanks to a new algorhythm designed by a PhD of mathematics), for enhanced serendipity.
- Better iPhone 5 and iOS 7 compatibility (longer screens, replacement of app loading wheel with new default screen)
- Reminders that come with the app and the ones you create now have share signatures that tell them apart and convenient iTunes store links.
- Play button on the Settings screen links to How To app demo video.
- Help button added to reminder screen links to a video teaching a useful technique for getting in the Mindfulness "zone".
- Addition of 4 pop-ups containing messages about adjusting the app's notification settings for best user experience, the importance of opening at least one in every 64 reminders so the app continues to work, reminding users they can share reminders and tell friends about Remindfulness via the in app links, and a reminder to rate/review the app.
- Addition of Download badges in Email share.
- Removal of Twitter share (will be returned in the next update)

Bug fixes:
- Removal of a bug that caused reminders to arrive after the Auto Suspend time with certain Suspend and Resume configurations.
- Removal of a bug caused the app to freeze if the "Yours" button was tapped while the My Reminders list was empty.
- Several stability improvements.

App Description

Beautiful and simple yet powerful practice reminders can be customized to arrive randomly or at scheduled intervals to help you truly integrate Presence Practice throughout your busy day.

Unique features include letting you choose when or how often the reminders come and which of the gorgeous alert tones you prefer. You can even create your own custom reminders.

*Alert: Especially important for phones earlier than iPhone 5 running iOS 7 is to quit background apps you aren't using so they don't take needed memory away from Remindfulness. See website FAQ's for instructions.

** Alert: Due to iOS limitations on number of notifications, be sure to VIEW or OPEN at least one out of every 64 reminders you are sent, or your device will prevent Remindfulness from continuing to send them.

- Over 100 beautiful practice reminders.
- 26 unique alert sounds + Random option.
- Sound on/off turns alerts off.
- Auto suspend and resume sleeps the app.
- Time reminders to come at regular intervals or choose random timing and select the number of reminders within your chosen time frame.
- Custom reminder editor for creating your own. (Then tell the app to use ours, yours or a mixture of both)
- Share reminders with loved ones via email, text message or on Facebook.
- Share app link via email, text message and Twitter.

NOTE: For best performance, please select ALERT STYLE in your device's Notification Settings (Device >Settings >Notifications >Remindfulness)

You have learned so many ways to reconnect with your Source, to bring your attention to the Present Moment... If only you could remember to do them throughout your busy day!

The Remindfulness app is designed to run in the background and gently call you back to your truth throughout your waking hours. This extends mindfulness practice beyond isolated periods of meditation or spiritual thought. Woven into the fabric of your day, it can then become a real way of life.

Over a hundred simple yet powerful practices have been created so that you can perform them easily and in a space of no more than a few moments, often without having to physically move or even close your eyes. This is to facilitate doing them when they appear on your screen, no matter what else you might be in the middle of. Even if you can't look at the reminder to read it when you hear or see it come in, for example if you're driving or in a meeting, you can just use the awareness of it as a prompt to spend the next five or so minutes being as present as possible.

Customization features allow you to further control the way Remindfulness functions. You can choose whether or not you want to hear an alert tone when the reminders come up, or choose from several different ones if you do. You can choose whether you want reminders to come randomly (and how many you want if this is your preference, via the "frequency" setting), or at regular intervals from a provided selection. You can also suspend the app while you sleep at night, without quitting it, so that reminders automatically resume in the morning.

You can even write your own custom reminders and save them in a list. You can tell the app to draw from these exclusively, not at all, or shuffle them in with the app's preexisting reminders via the "Yours" "Ours" and "All" options. While you can't edit or view our reminders, you can always edit and view from the list of reminders you create.

Please enjoy Remindfulness. I created it to help me, throughout my day, to return joyfully to the present moment. I hope it will help you do the same.

*Remindfulness...Helping you remember to be mindful*

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App Screen Shots

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App Changes

February 09, 2014 New version 2.0
June 13, 2013 Price Decrease: $1.99 -> $0.99
May 31, 2013 Price Decrease: $2.99 -> $1.99
May 24, 2013 Price Decrease: $2.99 -> FREE!
November 30, -0001 Initial Release

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