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"Analects" is one of the classics of the Confucian school, which was compiled by the disciples of Confucius mursal. It mainly quotations body and dialogue style, recording the words and deeds of Confucius and his disciples, epitomizes the political ideas of Confucius, logical thinking, moral values ​​and principles of education. The Analects of twenty credit the words, "'On the meaning of redact," language "discourse. And

"The Analects" is a book to the public hand, portrayer disciples of Confucius, Confucius mursal, also outside the Confucian Confucian disciples. Quotations body as an outstanding collection of essays, it is a concise, subtle and timeless language, describing the remarks of Confucius. "The Analects" is written in the words of the teachings of Confucius, motherhood, or simple response to a superficial; inspired argument, talking about; varied sounds touching. And

A "Analects" is a way to learn Daquan. Learn by analogy, to emulate, "We must first of its profits," and so on, have told us that a cognitive method. Combination of both to be learned, Xuesi combined, but also academic and research -
In combination LILs combination, but also the combination of study, combined academic standing. Research and learning methods, but also pay attention to adjust the learning attitude, do modesty, self-discipline, self-reliance.

⁕ Software Description
This software has added a phonetic translation, suitable for children to read on their own, but also for parents and children to read, children in the process of reading with their parents, have learned to understand the truth, the shape of good character, to fully enjoy the pleasure of reading, Chinese culture is a classic reading is to enjoy, so we walked into the Chinese culture, open life, accompanied by classic harvest knowledge, thrive.

⁕ Features
1. Directory to quickly jump
2 Simplified / Traditional fast switching
Can set the timer playback function
Automatic manual, the upper and lower sections of fast switching
5 fast forward and rewind, loop play
6 supports background playback: after the lock screen background playback software, or double-click the home button to control the player, so the kids can listen to their favorite children's songs while playing games.
7. Increase the search function, want to hear what a search will be able to listen to, more convenient, more efficient, more considerate!
8. Favorites feature, you can own favorite sentence collection together, listen to more convenient!



01 学而第一

02 为政第二

03 八佾第三

04 里仁第四

05 公治长第五

06 雍也第六

07 述而第七

08 泰伯第八

09 子罕第九

10 乡党第十

11 先进第十一

12 颜渊第十二

13 子路第十三

14 宪问第十四

15 卫灵公第十五

16 季氏第十六

17 阳货第十七

18 微子第十八

19 子张第十九

20 尧曰第二十

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