What's New

++ Massively improved connection setup, including auto-detect (hooray!)
++ 3 new motion trackers: Shake, Shuffle & Play Intensity
++ Virtual MIDI support - play other apps with SW Midi!
++ Improved MIDI setup, including CC# Learn Wizard
++ Pitch bend support
++ Polyphonic, Legato, and Glissando play modes

Enjoy! It's still early days with this project so get in touch if you have any issues or questions and I'll reply ASAP: [email protected]

If you enjoy the app, please do leave a review to make up for all the haters who didn't understand that this app is a MIDI tool and has no sounds of its own! :)

App Description

WARNING: Contains NO SOUNDS (see below). SW Midi is an organic, sensitive, motion-based *MIDI controller* and a truly original concept that's easy and intuitive to play. "A very unique and sophisticated virtual musical instrument" - The Next Web

Create music like no one has ever heard before. Experience your favourite synth and sample-based instruments in a brand new way that will have you giddy like the first time all over again ;)

WARNING: This app contains no sounds of its own. You'll need a computer with music software (e.g. Garage Band, Logic, Kontakt, Absynth, Alchemy, etc), or other apps which support CoreMidi input (e.g. NLogSynth).

Sound Wand MIDI reads your movements with the built in gyroscope and accelerometer and translates them into musical actions. It lets you pluck invisible strings in the air while controlling additional parameters with your movements via MIDI CC messages. For example, you can...

+ Play riffs on a virtual guitar and control the wah pedal at the same time...
+ Connect it to a pad synth and link to the filter freq/res. It's like painting sounds in the air...
+ Create tranquil wind-chime-like sounds or intense melodic soundscapes with pianos, glockenspeils, dulcimers, xylophones, gamelans
+ Connect it to percussion kits for some outrageous beat making


+ Blues
+ Oriental
+ Bebop
+ Major/Minor
+ Pentatonics
+ Chromatic
+ Spanish Flamenco
+ Hawaiian
+ Jazz Modes
+ Indian Raag
+ Arpeggios
+ Special scales that for centuries have been used for specific moods and times of day

Add analog dynamic to your digital instruments with these motion trackers
+ Pitch angle
+ Roll angle
+ Shake (up/down movement)
+ Shuffle (back/forth movement)
+ Play Intensity (time averaged play speed - map it to distortion gain, compressor or echo level)

+ Velocity sensitive note control
+ High performance, low latency, even through Wi-Fi
+ Fully configurable. Set MIDI channel, note ranges, CC values, motion ranges, left/right-handed orientation and more
+ Wi-fi MIDI connection auto-detect via Bonjour
+ EZ Learn Wizard for quick CC configuration
+ Virtual MIDI support, play other apps!


++ http://soundwandapp.com/midi ++


Sound Wand is high performance application that requires iPhone 4 or newer running iOS 5+. Also, while play is definitely tailored more for handheld devices, it works splendidly on the iPad and iPad Mini!

WINDOWS USERS: You'll also need a (free) copy of rtpMIDI...

Any questions? Don't hesitate to email us at [email protected]

App Screenshots

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Sound Wand MIDI Controller - Motion-Based Music Creation screenshot 1 Sound Wand MIDI Controller - Motion-Based Music Creation screenshot 2 Sound Wand MIDI Controller - Motion-Based Music Creation screenshot 3 Sound Wand MIDI Controller - Motion-Based Music Creation screenshot 4 Sound Wand MIDI Controller - Motion-Based Music Creation screenshot 5

App Changes

  • June 16, 2014 Initial release

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