App Description

MyDutyDay is a Flying Duty calculator designed for professional Pilots and Cabin Crew.

NOTE: Dragonair FDPs are now included in MYdutyday for iPhone and iPad, iOS 7. This version is iOS 6.

Cutting through the complexity of applying Flight Time Limitations to a crew members' working day, MyDutyDay focuses on the immediate Flying Duty period and answers the two vital questions most important to Aircrew:

1. At this Report Time, what is the latest time I can legally work until?

2. Having worked a Duty, how much Rest do I need before my next flight?

By simply entering a 'Report Time' and the number of 'Sectors' operated, MyDutyDay calculates the maximum length the Duty can be and displays the 'Latest On Chocks' time allowable, indicating at what time the crew member must be landed and off-duty.

Entering an 'Actual On Chocks' time, post-flight, will calculate the 'Actual Duty Period' worked and indicate the 'Earliest Report' time for the next flight, even accounting for Minimum Rest and the length of Duty just worked.

Input details for any In Flight Relief or Split Duty and the app will calculate the adjusted FDP for the entered Flying Duty.

MyDutyDay - Hong Kong is simple to use and easy to understand, requiring very little input to quickly answer the most important crewing questions. It comes with preset default Flying Duty Period tables.

Default settings have been included for Acclimatised, Not Acclimatised, Pilot and Cabin Crew operations.

Use MyDutyDay - Hong Kong to check you're 'in hours' before you fly and for your next flight.

Includes current FTL Scheme for Dragonair. A Cathay Pacific version is also available in the App Store.

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App Changes

  • June 15, 2014 Initial release