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1.Support iOS 8
2.Update New Full Screen Ad

App Description

Sleep Nature Peace Box ™

Millions of people have trouble finding rest at night. Sleep Nature Peace Box ™ are some fantastic apps on both the iPhone and iPad that can help you fall asleep faster and wake up with peace and energy.

It is provide a diff UI, like night club and someting of dazzling, magic, dreamily.
Yun can try the best sleep apps. Let's quickly go download and got Relax and Sleeping.

Sleep Nature Peace Box ™ Features

Support to iPhone5 and below iPhone, iPod Touch

Rotation Hypnotize circle UI Design
high standard UI design, user-friendly intuitive interface
Remove AD Function
Retina Display support
Background Play support
Restore Purchases

Sleep Nature Peace Box ™ Patterns

1.Africa Aboriginal Song
2.Rain of Sleep
3.Piano of Dream
4.Seoul Star
5.Magic Music Box
6.Alpha Wave for Sleep
5.Birds Music
6.Night Bug and Wind

Sleep Nature Peace Box ™ How to Use

Open the App,and place when you sleep at a distance of 0.5 ~ 1 meters from the location.

FAQ: Sleep Nature Peace Box ™

Do you have any of the following symptoms:

1.Difficulty falling asleep, which can mean lying in bed for up to an hour or more, perhaps tossing and turning, wishing for sleep to begin.
2.Waking up during sleep and having trouble getting back to sleep.
3.Waking up too early in the morning.
4.Feeling unrefreshed when you wake up.
5.Feeling irritable, lethargic, anxious, and/or lazy during the daytime.

These are risks/factors that cause insomnia:

1.Stress-related factors – significant personal events, such as losing a job, marital problems, stress and generally worrying.
2.Uncomfortable sleeping environment (too much light or noise, uncomfortable temperature).
3.Unusual sleeping environment (e.g., a hotel room).
4.Changes in the daily rhythm, such as a change in work shift or jet lag.
5.Acute medical illness or their treatments.

What you can do with your insomnia:
1.Develop a regular sleeping schedule. Avoid daytime naps and stimulating activities just before bedtime.
2.Avoid stimulating drugs, such as caffeine and nicotine, particularly before going to bed.
3.Exercise during the day (but not in the late evening).
4.Avoid alcohol- it is a leading cause of poor sleep.
5.Minimize light and noise when trying to sleep..
6.Maintain a comfortable bedroom temperature.
7.Avoid heavy meals before bedtime. If hungry, do NOT eat a light carbohydrate snack. Eating carbohydrates before bed is actually the worst thing for insomnia-sufferers as it gives 8.you energy. Rather try having something with chicken, broccoli, peanut butter, pork, or maybe even just a fruit or vegetable such as a banana.


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iPhone Screenshots

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Sleep Nature Peace Box ™ screenshot 1 Sleep Nature Peace Box ™ screenshot 2 Sleep Nature Peace Box ™ screenshot 3 Sleep Nature Peace Box ™ screenshot 4 Sleep Nature Peace Box ™ screenshot 5

App Changes

  • June 07, 2014 Initial release
  • August 02, 2014 New version 1.2
  • May 29, 2015 New version 1.3