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-FIXED THE TOUCH TARGET ISSUE! It turns out it wasn't just your fat fingers: There really was a problem with the touch targeting. My apologies completely, but everything should be much more accurate and responsive now.

-Fixed a bug where the iPhone 3GS version (and any other iPhones without a Retina Display) showed the graphics way too big. They should look right now. There's a chance iPads with Retina Display will be messed up, but I don't have one to test, so we'll see.

-Also, since some people beat the game way faster than expected (in, like, four hours), I've added a ton of new titles for you to go after. Good luck reaching the top of that pile, which sits right at *1 billion* Worship Points earned. Sheesh.

App Description

Benediction is the second game from writer and creator Mike Schramm. It was developed over a two-day period in October 2012, and Mike has decided to release it as a universal app for completely free!

In Benediction, you play as God (or just a god), answering the prayers of supplicants. Blue supplicants are unhappy because they want faith, something to believe in a cruel world. Purple supplicants are lonely -- they need others like them to love. Green supplicants have prayers of wanting, of material and physical needs. And yellow supplicants seek actual miracles, that elusive proof of the unreal.

You can answer all of their prayers, no matter how complex, just by tapping on them! When you do, all of the supplicants of the same color next to each other (even diagonally) will have their prayers answered, granting you worship points (and eventually fueling your powers). Use your powers of answering prayer to earn as many worship points as possible before your god power runs out, and then use your worship points to upgrade your skills and become the most powerful god of all!

Benediction has...

-State of the art, realistic Schramm-created graphics. They're not that good, but they're the most colorful he's ever made.
-Innovative puzzle game mechanics!
-A rich and rewarding progression system!
-The chance to earn dozens of different titles!
-Game Center leaderboards to compete on against your friends and foes!
-No annoying sound to keep you from listening to music or watching TV in the background! Seriously, who needs sound, right?

Benediction was designed to run on an iPhone 4, an iPhone 5, and an iPad 2. It will presumably run on other devices, though you'll have to do so at your own risk. Any major bugs will be fixed as soon as possible.

Like this game? Search "Antithesis" on the App Store to find and buy Mike Schramm's first game. It's completely different from this one, in that it's in black and white, not turn-based, and you pay for it, but Mike would definitely appreciate the dollar.

And speaking of dollars, Mike made this game in just two days during a personal game jam. He'd love to have even more time to make games, but can't always justify the free time. So you can support him by buying Antithesis (see above), OR, if you happen to be a game developer or publisher who could make a deal to financially support Mike and give him more time to work on games like this, please drop an email to [email protected]!

Thanks for playing, and enjoy the game. You are great for coming here and downloading it, and I truly hope that all of your prayers are answered in exactly the way you want them to be.

The latest update has added new titles to progression. Now, your titles will change as you level up the various powerup levels, and when you've maxed everything out, you'll reach the rank of "The Almighty." After that, rank titles will be based on your all-time WP, and the highest title you can reach is at 1 billion WP total. That's right: 1,000,000,000 WP. Good luck getting to that one!

iPhone Screenshots

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Benediction - a game by Mike Schramm screenshot 1 Benediction - a game by Mike Schramm screenshot 2 Benediction - a game by Mike Schramm screenshot 3 Benediction - a game by Mike Schramm screenshot 4

iPad Screenshots

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Benediction - a game by Mike Schramm screenshot 5 Benediction - a game by Mike Schramm screenshot 6 Benediction - a game by Mike Schramm screenshot 7 Benediction - a game by Mike Schramm screenshot 8

App Changes

  • June 10, 2014 Initial release

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