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Color exists everywhere, and is very important to our daily life. When we talk about a fruit, such as, Banana, intuitively, we think of its physical color "Yellow". However, if the color of the subject changes, the case becomes complicated. For example, you are asked to find out all the Blue Banana. You may need to think for awhile before you can make a correct selection. The delay in recognition is known as "Stroop Effect" in Psychology.

Color Psychology II is a fun educational game which helps us:
(a) escape from the aforementioned psychological trap, and adopt to new stuffs faster.
(b) train our concentration.
(c) improve our logical thinking.

The game is very simple. A question will be presented each time. You have to tap all the correct answers within a certain time limit. The longer you can persist, the higher will be the difficulty. Hence, the game is addictive and challenging, especially, when you would like to get a high score and compete with all other players in the world. Hope that all of you enjoy it.

Our Color Game Series:
Color Whiter (RGB, Primary colors of light, Additive color mixing):

Color Psychology (Psychology on "Color" - Stroop Effect, Words, Concentration, Logical thinking)

Color Blackout (CMYK, Color printing, Subtractive color model):

Shape Color (Color-Shape linkage, Concentration, Short-term memory)

Color Psychology II (Psychology on "Color" - Stroop Effect, Fruits, Concentration, Logical thinking)

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  • June 06, 2014 Initial release