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★本款游戏《四人斗地主》完全独立。本款游戏内的道具和收益无法用于其他任何应用。同样的, 其他应用内的道具或收益也无法用于本款游戏。腾讯平台上的虚拟货币, 比如Q币,Q点都无法在游戏内使用。
★Rules: In this game two sets of pokers are used , which will be distributed evenly to four people. One of them plays the role of the landlord, and the others play the roles of peasants. Three peasants fight together against the landlord. The team (peasants or the lord) who succeed in dropping all their hands according the rule first win the game.[Declaration]
The game 《四人斗地主》 is completely independent , even user login the same QQ account. Game currencies purchased/earned in this app cannot be consumed outside of the app. Similarly, any game currencies purchased/earned in 《四人斗地主》 on any other platform cannot be used in this app either. The app doesn't use any QQ digital currency, such as Q币 or Q点.

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App Changes

  • June 07, 2014 Initial release