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IntraStock is for day traders and investors looking for guidance on the current day's market activity. It uses historical data over any period from 2 weeks to 2 years to provide current statistics about where a market typically opens and closes compared to the prior day's highest, lowest and closing prices. Its evaluations provide guidance for individuals who buy and sell throughout the day.

IntraStock provides many answers, such as these examples at the time of this writing:

* When the Dow (DIA) opens below the prior day's low, is it wise to buy shares in the morning? Answer: Over the last month, the Dow has closed above its opening price on 80% of such days.

* When shares of ConocoPhillips (COP) open below their prior day's lowest price, will they likely continue to fall? Answer: Over the last three months, shares of COP rose throughout the day on 70% of such opens.

* When are the best mornings to buy shares in the XLF ETF if I want to see profit later in the day? Over the past three months, your odds favored buying XLF on days it opened negative but above the prior day's low, as 75% of such days saw prices rise and close higher than they opened.

* Over the last three months, what percentage of the time do shares in Ford (F) open lower than their prior day's low? Answer: only 16% of days had opening prices below the prior day's range. Over this time period, nearly two-thirds of all days saw higher opens overall.

* If shares of Ford open negative, but not below the prior day's low, how are they likely to end at the close of the day? Over the last three months, 77% of the time, shares of Ford closed higher than they opened on such days. This means that traders who bought shares first thing in the morning usually saw profit by the end of the day.

* When GALE has a strong open, higher than the prior day's high, should I buy shares? Answer: In recent months, GALE has typically closed lower than it opened on such days, by as much as 89% of the time.

Active stock traders can pour into these numbers, statistics and probabilities to add an edge to their daily guidance on nearly any stock or ETF.

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October 22, 2012 Initial Release

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