What's New

New Version 4.0

1. New Functions
1.1 Personal battle of qualifying
1. Players who are more than Lv20 play in arena will get personal score, add personal score rank which players can check.
2. System will select top 16 players at personal score every week to join personal battle of qualifying. These players should go into battlefield when the personal battle is open.
3. Less than 50 arena battles a week, individual scores will not enter the ranking
4. System will remind you the competition and top 16 players at personal score will get random combination to single elimination games
5. The last four for the final, two out of three sets, winner gets championship, failure gets runner-up
6. The two players who failed among the last four for the final, two out of three sets, come into being second runner-up
1.2 Training
1. Each player can train 10 times per day, refresh at 0 o’clock
2. More training target consumed, better effect will be
3. Change spirit mentor can change the attribute you are training, but this will clear the existing warrior training points.
4. When the training points reach max, you can get permanent attribute improve.
1.3 Seal Devil
1. Single battle, all players can join. The event opens at a fixed time every day. There comes randomly devil from the three types: high DEF, high MDEF, high RES
2. Players have two turns to hit, Pow is full. Devil will kill player after the hit, the damage to the devil will be accumulated.
3. Unlimited join times during event time. When killed by devil, you have 30 seconds to revive, can use diamonds to enter. More diamonds consumed, more power increase.
4. Event time is 30 minutes, over depends on wether time is up or the devil has been killed. The damage to the devil will be published after the event.
5. Top 10 player of damage to the devil will get rich rewards. 1% injury to the devil and the last hit player will also be rewarded. Rewards will be sent by mail.
1.4 master and apprentice
1. When you reach lv6, you can have a teacher. When reaching lv20, can have a student.
2. Only can have one teacher, but can have 10 students at most.
3. Must be formal friends.
4. System will send rewards to both when student goes through challenges.
5. Extra exp for teacher and student fighting together.
2. Optimize
2.1 Guild Battle optimized
1. Add instant rewards when waiting in the battlefield room.
2. Add medal exchanging props in guild store when guild reaches Lv2, Lv4, Lv6, Lv8.
3. After guild battle, system will send random gift package to players who cause damage.
4. There is no one to interrupt when waiting, the damage to the others’ base will be more and more fierce.
5. Chairman will get rewards after the war depend on win or not.
6. When lose, it will cost guild wealth.
7. Add guild battle button, when event is on. You can join immediately.
8. Announcement adjusted: Official finish killing will be announced. Players who killed 3 or more opponents continually will be announced.
9. Add more explaination in the battle rule.
2.2 Guild optimized
2000 cash gifts can also build a guild. Official member amount can increase by the lv up of a guild
2.3 Magic stone optimized
Fixed Function: Effective for Purple and Gold soul stone, can get random attributes(water, fire...). Can not change existed attributes. Can make single attributes to double(one water to double water)
Add New stone: White jade
Can change your suit attribute randomly, not effect double attribute suit.

App Description

***** Your Warrior Within *****
As a cute style casual online STG, MiniBattle includes the features of both Angry Birds and Maple Island.

The game allows you to play as a warrior who travels across different lands and conquers dark evils. With adorable graphics, fairy game scene, and various fashionable avatars, MiniBattle always fascinates female players. Meanwhile, the well-designed gameplay also ensures you distinctive competition, carefree battle experience, attractive story, unique growth path, etc.

It’s time to step on the expedition for a heroic battle. On the way, who will be knocked out or complete success? Come on, our future warrior, your friends and team expect ***** Game background *****
When Pandora’s Box was open, countless killings, fears, sorrows, lust, diseases all gushed out. The whole land is shrouded in disaster and misery. The goddess of hope lent every effort to trap the Pandora’s Box but was failed and arrested by dark evils.

It’s time to step on the expedition for a heroic battle, for protecting family, country and goddess of hope. Your name will be memorized by everyone in this land and glory may be everlasting.

** Hot words **:

** Game Features **
■Casual game with great user-experience and controls
*Optimize the user experience of operation in combat and chat, easy to handle both your role and device.

■Excellent Arena, attractive story
*Mini Battle provides various arenas with vivid experience, moving stories and different journeys.

■Unique forge-system to customize your individual equipment
*Obtain materials in arena or battle, be self-sufficienct in the special weapon developing system, makes you stronger step-by-step.

■Special-designed vigor system, ensure your LV never be exceeded
*Original vigor system of Mini Battle will get you out of the worry about exceeding by other players when offline the game.

■Numerous commodities never fail to attractive your attention.
*The mall provides you with numerous commodities: coats, accessories, equipments, and battle items are always available. You can coordinate your Avatar by imagination and never meets exactly alike.

App Screen Shots

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App Changes

January 29, 2014 New version 5.0.3
November 27, 2013 New version 5.0.1
September 26, 2013 New version 4.0.0
April 09, 2013 New version 2.1.2
April 02, 2013 New version 2.1.1
March 27, 2013 New version 2.0.5
November 30, -0001 Initial Release

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