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*****100 English Song*****
Very beautiful English songs,include:
1 沉默之声 The Sound Of Silence
2 爱的细语There's A Kind Of Hush
3 阳光季节 Seasons In The Sun
4 唱首忧郁的歌 Song Sung Blue
5 在老橡树上系黄丝带 Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree
6 雨的旋律 Rhythm of The Rain
7 七个寂寞的日子 Seven Lonely Days
8 超级迷你比基尼 Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini
9 波夫Puff
10 柠檬树 Lemon Tree
11 花落何处 Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
12 顺其自然 Let It Be
13 昨日重现 Yesterday Once More
14 甜心 Dear Heart
15 太年轻 Too Young
16 低语的松树 Whispering Pines
17 世界末日 The End Of The World
18 我的家乡 My Hometown
19 大江东去 The River Of No Return
20 田纳西华尔兹 Tennessee Waltz
21 破晓 Morning Has Broken
22 恶水上的大桥 Bridge Over Troubled Water
23 让它是我 Let It Be Me
24 再见,吾爱 Bye Bye, Love
25 无法停止爱你 I Can't Stop Loving You
26 只有你 Only You
27 世事不可强求 Que Sera, Sera
28 雨点不断落在我头上 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
29 某处,吾爱 Somewhere My Love
30 在雨中哭泣 Crying In The Rain
31 跳舞吧,小女孩 Dance On, Little Girl
32 爱你在心口难开 More Than I Can Say
33 玫瑰,玫瑰我爱你 Rose, Rose, I Love You
34 清晨 In The Morning
35 往日情怀 The Way We Were
36 北上阿拉斯加 North To Alaska
37 老鹰之歌 El Condor Pasa
38 乡村路带我回家 Take Me Home Country Roads
39 邮差先生 Please Mr. Postman
40 黄河镇Yellow River
41 放开我 Release Me
42 最后华尔兹 The Last Waltz
43 孤枕难眠 I Don't Like To Sleep Alone
44 想象 Imagine
45 不再坠入情网 I'll Never Fall In. Love Again
46 轻歌销魂 Killing Me Softly With His Song
47 婚礼 The Wedding
48 雪鸟 Snowbird
49 黛咪 Tammy
50 情感 Feelings
51 假如 If
52 小白鸽 Paloma Blanca
53 今日 Today
54 无须说爱我 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
55 奔放的旋律 Unchained Melody
56 与我吻别Kiss Me Goodbye
57 只有寻梦去 All I Have To Do Is Dream
58 小白花 Edelweiss
59 将头靠在我肩上 Put Your Head On My Shoulder
60 黄鸟儿 Yellow Bird
61 全为了一个女孩的爱 All For The Love Of A Girl
62 轻声细诉,爱人 Speak Softly, Love
63 交换舞伴 Changing Partners
64 我参加你的婚礼 I Went To Your Wedding
65 给约翰的一封信 A Dear John Letter
66 月亮河 Moon River
67 黛安娜 Diana
68 哦,卡罗 Oh! Carol
69 试着回忆 Try To Remember
70 什锦烩饭 Jambalaya
71 时机不再 It's now or never
72 唯有孤寂 Only The Lonely
73 我明白 I Understand
74 全心全意爱我 Love Me With All Of Your Heart
75 深夜陌生人 Strangers In The Night
76 离家五百里 Five Hundred Miles
77 昨日 Yesterday
78 走在雨中 Just Walking In The Rain
79 阳光在我肩上 Sunshine On My Shoulders
80 我希望你要我 I'd Love You To Want Me
81 你欺骗的心 Your Cheating Heart
82 麻萨诸塞州 Massachusetts
83 丹尼男孩 Danny Boy
84 今晚你寂寞吗Are You Lonesome Tonight
85 随风飘荡 Blowing In The Wind
86 敲三下 Knock Three Times
87 不再 No More
88 热爱着你 Devoted To You
89 旧金山 San Francisco
90 棉花田 Cotton Field
91 亲爱的 Sugar, Sugar
92 世界之顶 Top Of The World
93 你照亮我的生命 You Light Up My Life
94 玫瑰花园 Rose Garden
95 如果你爱我 If You Love Me
96 史东妮 Stoney
97 我不知如何爱他 I Don't Know How To Love Him
98 温柔地爱我 Love Me Tender
99 你偷走巨厦 The Mansion You Stole

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