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Get your friends together and let's see who is the real 0LYMPICS genius.

This game will test your knowledge of the greatest sporting event EVER...


Sure, we all know Bolt, Pendleton, Rutherford and Farah. We all know they did well at PE. Do you know exactly which sports they excel at? Are you sure about that? Well prove it!


The game will give you the name of an 0lympics event. Eight tiles appear on the screen - each bearing the name of an athlete who may or may not participate in that sport. Your job is to drag the athletes for that particular sport over the center tile on the screen, in the time given.

Even if you have a detailed knowledge about the 0lympics, you might just be surprised at how difficult it is to find the given athletes for the sport in question. Have a go and see what we mean!


On your own? Well why not try the new arcade mode - it's basically a one player version of the game. See how far you can get, and even if you lose you can still boast about how many points you got...


Points are awarded for every correct guess. Incorrect guesses remove a third of your remaining time. Get every athlete right with time remaining and get a time bonus... Even better - get them all right without making a mistake and get to choose the sports category for you or your team's next round!

You can even specify a category for the game, say - if you are all fans of Beach Dressage (okay, I made that one up) or why not mix it all up a bit and press the 'all events' button!

Game features:

* Play Up To 8 Other People On One Device
* Arcade Mode - Finally Here!
* 'Cheat' Buttons - Use Them To Win, Or Save For A Bonus!
* Choose From Four Different Sports Categories (Or Play All)
* Music And Sound Effects By 'Delete' - Music Producer
* In-Game Leaderboard - Updates Every Round!
* Winner Gets A Trophy They Can Share...
* Regular Updates FREE To All Who Purchase The App
* Support The QuizziKicks Movement & Be Proud!

Coming Soon:

* Paralympics Edition!
* More FX & Music
* Other Improvements!

My sister Helen said she would only participate in London 2012 if they promised her donuts, free kittens and diplomatic immunity. I was surprised to discover that the government agreed to her conditions in July via email - and now she's a bronze medallist in the hammer throw event!

Congratualtions Helen!

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Welcome to the world of QUIZZIKICKS !

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The QuizziKicks apps are great for a quick game with mates in the pub, or as a more sophisticated team party game with support of up to 8 players or teams.

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With a range of setup options you can tailor each game to suit the situation at hand. Home, pub, barbecue, train journey, long & arduous space mission - play it anywhere!

Game length, clock time and difficulty can all be adjusted to enhance the playability and open the game to those with little prior knowledge of the topic in question.

Regular updates to the already huge database are free once you have purchased the app, so the game just keeps getting bigger!

For a full list of current QuizziKicks titles put 'QuizziKicks' into the search box on the app store. More added every week...

* Who's In The Band?
* Who's In The Film?
* What's On The Line?
* Who's In The Team?

Coming soon:

* Who's At The Paralympics?
* Who's On The Stage?
* QuizziKicks : The World Cities Quiz
* QuizziKicks : The Big, Big Culture Quiz

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  • June 15, 2014 Initial release