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App Description

iRobics™ (Patent Pending) is an innovative app designed for exercise professionals to manage their classes and the music used in them.

•Save money: No need to purchase premixed CDs for classes – use your iPhone’s music.

•Take control: Design exercise classes and let your phone show you which music fits best.

•Liven up your classes: Hold multiple variations of a class on your phone, ready to play.

•Free to coach: Let the app play the warm-up, cool-down and main class to your timings and rhythms, while you focus on your students’ needs.

•Add music once – infinite combinations: Scan your music once, and reuse to create multiple classes.

•Choose the music you like: Your own music library is used to create the rhythm to suit your class.

•Coming soon: share classes with colleagues and other features.

How does iRobics™ work?
•iRobics™ scans the music library on your phone to process music for you to use.
•iRobics™ has an intuitive interface that allows you to build a tempo profile for your class.
•iRobics™ suggests the best music for each part of your class – or – you can insert your own choice.

•Exercise classes in your pocket.
•Graphical class designer and editor.
•BPM matching of music to class parts.
•Music ‘fitted’ to the BPM required.
•Preview music before selecting.
•BPM of last 5 seconds of part linearly speed up/down to match BPM of next part.
•“Raw music” option – insert any part of a song you like.
•Graphical playback view.
•Edit in time (mins and secs) or blocks (32 beats).
•Optional quiet bridge sections for giving verbal instructions during the class.
•“Beat overlay” to beef up quiet tracks.
•Zoom in and out of the class.
•Drag n’ drop, duplicate and preview parts in the class.

Note on Processing Expectations (based on iPhone 4):
Scanning your music library: The iRobics™ function “Get Music” reads each song. This can sometimes be a complex process. We expect, on average, an album can take 10 minutes. Remember – you only have to add music to the app once!
Compiling Classes: A class can take between 40-60% of its time to complie: once compiled, the class is ready to play instantly, wherever and whenever you need!

This app is not recommended for iPhone 3 or 3GS.

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February 19, 2013 Initial Release