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Life & Death PRO

A Multi-Player (2)
Conway’s Game of Life


Life & Death is an exciting new two-player strategy game based on Conway's original single-player “Game of Life”: invented by John Conway in 1970, which has been played by millions of people. Almost all of the computers in 1970 were large Mainframes.

Added in this PRO version:

Life & Death PRO adds 5 new boards for a total of 8 with an additional 74 pieces for more challenges

Additional generations to play

New faster speeds are optional

More grid columns are added for more difficult games

…..Simply create a unique Username (mobile # and email address are optional).
…..To practice select *** Single (1) Player or *** Simulated (2) Player.
…..To play an another Life & Death user, select Address Book (for a friend), Random Opponent, or Search: Username (for a friend)

This multi-player game has the components of the following:

“Game of Life”
“Othello (Reversi)”

This is a game of strategy where learning how the pieces move will win games. Learning the offense and defense of the game (like Chess) takes time.

•Easy to navigate multi-player interface

•A detailed Help / Tutorial is available while playing

•Play with friends or match with random opponents

•Notifications let you know when it is your turn

•You can play up to 15 games at one time

•3 game boards are available to keep you engaged

•Send messages to the other players though built-in instant messaging

•Compatible with iPhone 3, iPod Touch, and tablet

•Also play as a Single Player or Simulated 2 Player game for practice

•Double tap to zoom


This game is simple in principle:

Each player is given a cell color – this cell color is yours to defend. The cells colors are: Black and Red, 2 players.

1) You (black) select a Piece (like Chess) which has a defined pattern
2) Place it anywhere on the Board (it is given life and may grow automatically for X generations and stops)
3) Next Player (red) does the same (perhaps killing some of your cells)
4) Repeat

Player at the end with most cells wins. Simple, but the results are complex.

Place a piece (defined pattern) on a grid like board and the pattern normally grows.


2 simple rules define the original “Game of Life”, which this game also uses.

On a grid like board – a single cell has 8 neighbors (where X is the cell, N is the Neighbor):


Rule 1) If a ‘dead’ cell (blank, center) has exactly 3 neighbors, in the next generation the cell is born [Life].

Rule 2) If a ‘live’ cell (center) has 2 or 3 neighbors it continues to live for the next generation, otherwise it dies [Death]

That is it – the complete rules for the “Game of Life” which is executed by the computer in a generation fashion.

[Death] known as loneliness (less than 2 neighbors) or overcrowding (more than 3 neighbors)


The game of “Life & Death” uses those same rules and stops every X generations to allow the next player to play. The multi-player aspect and the way the new rules are observed make this a fun and unique competitive game.


Each player in turn selects a Piece and places it anywhere on the board. Then the board will execute for a predetermined number of generations.

The “Generations to Play” is the number of generations to execute before the next player can place a “Piece” on the board. This number is modified in the Setup Screen.

Each Piece is has a unique name (normally given many years ago) with special generation characteristics defined in detail with a help descriptions of each.

View the Tutorial at: www.life-and-death.net

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Life & Death PRO screenshot 1 Life & Death PRO screenshot 2 Life & Death PRO screenshot 3 Life & Death PRO screenshot 4 Life & Death PRO screenshot 5

App Changes

  • September 27, 2012 Initial release
  • October 10, 2012 New version 1.1

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