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Remember...High ratings keep us motivated to keep adding features. :)

NOTE: We're getting very close to having the Battle Builder finished for iPhone users, which will be in the NEXT update, but since many of these other features are now finished, we wanted to release them now instead of making you wait. Enjoy!

NEW! BUILD WITH A FRIEND: You can now challenge a friend to "co-build" a Battle with you and see which of you chose the most Popular Contestants. You take turns choosing the Contestants, then the Battle goes live as usual and you both find out which of you chose the most popular Contestants (went furthest in the Battle). iPad users will find this new option on the first page of the Battle Builder (new blue button). You will also start seeing Battles that have been co-built by other players.

NEW! LIKES AND DISLIKES: Now you can store all your favorite Contestants in one place. This is also a great way for others to quickly see what things you like and dislike. Now, on the photo of any Contestant, you can tap a Like (Thumbs Up) or Dislike (Thumbs Down) button. So, as you're playing Battle 16, when you come across a Contestant you particularly "like," you just tap on the Thumbs Up button. Likewise, if you particularly Dislike a Contestant, tap on the Thumbs Down button. A new tab has been added to view all your Likes and Dislikes in one place (tab with thumbs up icon). You can also view the Likes and Dislikes for other players from their profile page.

NEW! TIME-BASED LEADER BOARDS: In addition to the All Time scores, the Leader Board now shows leading players and Concluded Battles for the Last 7 days and Last 30 days. This lets newer Players and newer Concluded Battles compete more fairly on the Leader Boards. (Prediction Power and Live Battles do not change between periods.)

NEW! PLAYER FORUM: To encourage more communication between players, as well as with the app developers, a new tab appears for a player Forum which is hosted as a page on Facebook. Anyone can view the forum via the Forum tab, but to post comments, upload images, start a new post, etc., you must be logged in with a Facebook account.

NEW! PLAYER "RANKS:" Players can now earn the status of Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, or General, based on how many total Votes they have cast or Battles they have Built. You can see what Rank a player is from their profile page. Tap on the Rank icon for a key that shows you each level's requirements.

NEW! AUTO-HIDE NAVIGATION BARS: The top and bottom navigation bars, tabs and buttons now disappear when scrolling through Battles in the Battle Selector, giving more screen real estate to viewing the Battles. The navigation bars automatically re-appear when scrolling in the opposite direction.

NEW! RESET YOUR CONCLUDED BATTLES: You can now reset, edit, and resubmit any of the Battles you built which have been concluded for 30 days or more.

ENHANCED! The "Skip Vote" button has been renamed, given a new look, and moved to a new location to make it easier for users to understand how that buttons works and what it's used for.

ENHANCED! There is now a link in the Invite Friends email so your friend can go directly to your profile page to add you as a Friend (Follow you) without having to search for you. They just tap the link from any device with B16 installed on it.

ENHANCED! When joining Battle 16, the app now asks if you are Male or Female to help the app better customize your experience.

ENHANCED! In Battle listings on the Battle Selector, the Builder names are color coded. Blue = You are the builder. Orange = A Co-Built Battle that you are not one of the builders. Green or Red = A Co-Built Battle you helped build showing if you're contestants are winning or losing.


App Description

Using the familiar "bracket" system, Battle 16 is the FUN, VISUAL and ADDICTING way to discover and share opinions about music, books, movies, fashions, sports, celebrities, people, gift ideas, and MUCH more!

Battle 16 uses the “bracket” system to have up to 16 contestants face off in a single-elimination tournament. A battle can be ANYTHING from “The best singer of all time” to “The most beautiful girl in school” to "Which dress should I wear to prom?!?!" Players vote in these battles until a winner emerges!

WATCH INTRO VIDEO: http://battle16.com

There are three main ways you'll have hours of have fun with Battle 16:

1) VOTING - Browse through hundreds of "Live" Battles that others have created and start voting in any you find interesting. For example, you might find a Battle called "The Greatest Rock Song Of All Time," where you could listen to, and then vote between, Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" and "Satisfaction" by the Stones. When the voting for a Match ends, the winner advances to face new challengers all the way to the Finals where a winner is crowned. Voting in Battles is a fun way to not only voice your opinion, but also to discover new music, gift ideas, recipes, the latest fashions, and much more.

2) PREDICTING - Browse through thousands of "Concluded" Battles (where voting has ended) and make a “prediction” of which Contestant you think won the Battle. Every Battle 16 player has a "Prediction Power," ranging from 1 to 100. The better you are at predicting winners, the higher your Prediction Power. It's also just a lot of fun browsing through all the Concluded Battles to see how they turned out.

3) BUILDING - Here is where you'll have the most fun! Rather than just voting in Battles created by others, you can build your own! Anyone can build Battles for all players to vote in. The app's "Battle Builder" walks you through the step-by-step process, making it easy for anyone to build a Battle with a few simple taps, automatically bringing in any photos, songs or videos you’ll need. You can even "Build a Battle with a Friend," taking turns choosing the Contestants, and then see which of you picked the most-winning Contestants. (NOTE: The Building step is only available when running on and iPad or iPad Mini.)

PLAY WITH FRIENDS! Battle 16 is even more fun when played with your family and friends, by comparing each other's tastes and seeing how skilled each of you are at making predictions. Share your Battles on Facebook, Twitter, email, text message, etc.

Battle 16 is a FREE app, so come join the fun!

WATCH INTRO VIDEO: http://battle16.com

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App Changes

June 13, 2013 New version 1.04
May 04, 2013 New version 1.03
March 09, 2013 New version 1.02
January 26, 2013 New version 1.01
November 02, 2012 Initial Release

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