What's New

• Inter-App Audio: use Magellan 3.0 as an instrument plugin with Inter-App Audio compatible hosts
• Completely updated & tested for iOS 7!

New, more powerful MIDI framework we designed from ground up, with features including:
• Faster MIDI I/O handling
• Inter-App Audio MIDI support
• Keyboard splitting with settable split in channel, left/right out note ranges, learn & invert
• Improved MIDI-UI interaction
• Import/Export Magellan MIDI CC Maps
• Individual MIDI Out channels for the synth engines
• Individual MIDI In on/off toggles for the synth engines

Many improvements and new features, including:
• Master FX mix
• Increased max polyphony to 10 per-engine for iPad 2 or newer
• Envelope curve selection for VCA and FM envelopes
• Extended octave range for Osc 3 with key tracking off
• Direct one-touch access to either synth engine's control panels, arp or chordmaker
• Continuously settable filters tracking
• 59 new modulation outlets for the XY-pad and the modwheels
• Presets now save BPM data
• BPM Lock feature: specifies if you want BPM data to be loaded with a preset
• Bounce whole sequences or individual patterns to audio via Song Library -> Export
• Adjustable touch-velocity sensitivity
• Preset & Bank renaming
• A new free preset bank ("Boleskine")
• Target-foreground-synth mode for the XY-pad
• One-touch waveform selection
• Continuously adjustable knob response: set to "Fine" to make precise adjustments to a knob-controlled parameter
• Many other UI improvements

Introducing In-App Purchasing (iOS 6 or later):
• New professional preset packs available for purchase within Magellan's Store
• Atlantic - 65 new presets from Yonac Inc.
• The Explorer Series from Sunsine Audio - available as individual 64 preset packs or one bundle of 192 presets

• Updates to latest Audiobus & Sonoma SDKs
• Many other improvements

App Description

***** 33% OFF for a limited time! *****

Magellan is the bold new professional analog modeling synthesizer for the iPad & iPad Mini. Not content with just one synth, we gave Magellan TWO independent polyphonic synth engines. Individually or together, they deliver a new powerful warmth to the sound of iOS music.

Complete with a full FX rack, a total of six oscillators, dual filters per engine, multiple unison stages, extensive modulation matrix, dedicated arps, powerful MIDI capabilities, and a polyphonic step-sequencer - the aural possibilities with Magellan are infinite!

Check out our awesome Magellan vids! www.youtube.com/YonacSoftware

\\\ Synth ///

• 2 independent virtual analog synth engines running simultaneously

• 3 oscillators per synth engine; total of 6 realtime oscillators

• Osc unison stage w/ adjustable detune & width, up to 24 simultaneous wave generators for supersaw effect

• Realtime PWM Modulation for osc 1 & 2

• FM module w/ dedicated blend, ADSR envelope, adjustable contour

• Oscillator 2>1 ring modulation

• Noise generator w/ adjustable tone
• VCA ADSR envelope

• Separate voice unison stage w/ settable stereo spread, detune

• Dual Keyboards w/ individual pitch & modulation wheels

• Dual Touch Pad controls w/ settable key & scale & note-snapping, individual voice parameterization
• Polyphonic, Monophonic, Poly/Mono Legato operation modes

• Glide

• Matrixpad modulation w/ configurable x/y destinations, synth out select, optional snapback

• Realtime oscilloscope (iPad 2 & newer)

• Synth coupling - run both synths by one control interface

• Inter-App Audio
• Audio backgrounding

• Tap tempo

• 20 voice combined polyphony (10 voice combined for iPad 1)

\\\ Filters ///

• 2 filter banks per synth engine, configurable in series or parallel
• Dedicated ADSR envelope for each bank; selectable envelope curve, adjustable contour & tracking

• 11 Filter types for each bank:
• "Magellan" 24dB Resonant LP
• "Victor" 24dB Resonant L/H/B Pass
• "Voyvoda" 12dB L/H/B Pass

• Formant, Comb, All-Pass, Notch filters
• True bypass

\\\ Modulation ///

• Dual LFO's per synth

• 4 freely assignable destinations per LFO

• Dedicated amp setting for each destination
• 3 reset modes

• Adjustable phase & delay
• Frequency tracking

\\\ Arp ///

• Dedicated arp in each synth engine
• 10 arp patterns; Settable note value & gate; swing
• 6 octaving modes, settable note and octave repeats

\\\ Sequencer ///

• Analog inspired 16/32 step polyphonic sequencer

• 8 track poly out per pattern in 16-step, 4 track poly out in 32-step "link" mode
• Trackwise selection of target synth engine

• Settable pitch, velocity, gate, octave per step

• 6 sequence algorithms for each pattern

• Swing
• Timeline for creating song length sequences w/ patterns

• Share or bounce song files containing sequences

\\\ Chordmaker ///

• Dedicated Chordmaker module for each synth

• Create/save chord progressions; play by pressing a single key

\\\ FX ///

• Comprehensive FX rack: EQ, Compressor, Reverb, Stereo Delay w/ BPM sync, Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, Waveshaper, Bitcrusher, Expander
• Configurable FX signal flow

\\\ Record & Share ///

• Tape deck for recording app audio

• Metronome

• Export via email, SoundCloud
• Export/Import via WiFi, Copy/Past, Sonoma
• Audiobus for Input or FX slot

\\\ MIDI ///

• CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI

• Individually configurable synth MIDI In & Out ports
• Keyboard splitting
• Control Magellan w/ external MIDI controllers
• MIDI Learn w/ 350+ destinations

• Sync w/ external MIDI clocks - control sequencer or arp
• Share Magellan MIDI CC maps

\\\ Presets ///

• Over 300 factory presets
• 2 banks & song designed by Sunsine Audio

• Share presets, banks via email or iTunes; Save unlimited banks & presets
• SPAWN - use SPAWN's artificial intelligence to automatically create amazing new sounds
• Export/Import presets, banks via email or iTunes; Create/save unlimited banks & presets

App Screen Shots

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App Changes

July 25, 2014 Price Decrease: $14.99 -> $9.99
February 21, 2014 Price Decrease: $14.99 -> $4.99
November 26, 2013 Price Decrease: $14.99 -> $6.99
August 08, 2012 Initial Release

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