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Falling Objects is a game to test your reflexes and eyes. With different Colors, Shapes and numbers falling from the sky can you clear them before they reach the bottom. How many can you get correct before you fail!!!!!

Tweet your high score to all of your friends on twitter and see who can get the highest.

Very fun and challenging as the game speeds up and your reflexes are put to the ultimate test.

******How To Play*****

Numbers and shapes will fall from the top of the screen and you must press the corresponding number or shape that is at the bottom. If the object reaches the bottom before you can press it you will lose a life. You only have 3 lives!!!!

Power ups will fall to assist you but use wisely as you will have a limited amount but each power up will assist you in getting further through the levels.

Only use the power ups when you need them. Using them early in the game may be a waste if you can handle the speed of the game at the beginning.

*****Power Ups*********
---- use the blade to swipe around the screen and destroy the objects. You can touch anywhere around the blade to move it.

** Fire Ball
---- When you activate the fire ball it will appear at the bottom of the screen. Any object that lands on it will be destroyed.

** Heart
----- When you activate the heart a heart will appear in the background. WHile active if any objects fall past the bottom it will not cost you a life. Very helpful in challenge mode and when the game speed gets faster.

********Game Modes*********

High Score
Clear as many objects as possible before losing all 3 lives. Use power ups to help you clear more. Tweet your high score to all you friend on twitter and challenge them to beat it. Can any one top your high score??

Challenge Mode
Can you clear a certain amount of objects without missing a single one?? Challenge mode will bring out the best in you as you will need to clear objects without missing a single one. Starts off challenging and ends even more challenging. 10 Levels that will challenge you more and more each time. How far can you get??? Very challenging for those who think they are up to it!!!!!!

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  • June 09, 2014 Initial release