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- IOS6 compatible
- engine optimizations

App Description

HappyGnome is a gnome who always smiles and jumps from platform to platform without stopping, travelling around magical worlds in search of toys and gifts. The more gifts he found, the happier he gets.

However, the evil Harpy of Forests does not stand to see him always that happy. She therefore put the inhabitants of the Magic Worlds against HappyGnome and filled all his way with numerous obstacles. Will the Jumping Gnome be able to collect toys while avoiding all the obstacles that he will cross while travelling in three enjoyable Magic Worlds?

What really makes HappyGnome the happiest is jumping levels and levels of platforms while collecting toys.

He must collect toys and gifts throughout 3 Puzzle Worlds, full of complicated platforms.

Find the keys that open every Magic Stone portal to access the next level and collect all the gifts you will find in the way. The more you get, the better is your score.

At the beginning, all steps will be easy. Still, the way through the platforms will gradually become more complicated and you will need to find out what is the easiest itinerary to reach the keys.

HappyGnome has a great time collecting gifts. Among all toys and gifts, his favorites are the airplanes because HappyGnome always wants to travel! Get extra bonus capturing those wood planes he is fond of!

Finally, remember to always get the keys to be able to open the Magic Doors. These keys will give you access to the next levels so you can move along the different levels of the funny three Puzzle Magical Worlds.

Be aware! The evil Harpy of Forests counts with several allies and will not make your steps easy! They will do everything to prevent you from reaching your objective!

The BadGenius of the Bushes, the Angry Bee, the Grumpy Owl, the Bear BadFleas or MadMushroom will always want to trample the gnome hat. All of these characters have been sent by Harpia to pursue HappyGnome!!!

• Do not stop jumping while dodging the dangers of the platforms and enemies that will try to prevent your progress.

• Enjoy the three funny Puzzle Worlds, full of tricky Platforms, traps, secrets and gifts that are waiting for you.

• Find the Magic Keys that will open the enchanted Stone Portals.

• Go through the Enchanted Forest, the Ice Cliffs and the Volcanoes Lava.

• Unlock hidden levels and secret areas that you find only if paying close attention to what surrounds HappyGnome. Make combos to reach secret areas.

• Facebook & Twitter features: challenge and invite your friends to overcome your ranking

3 Magic Worlds with plenty of exciting Platforms and Secrets, 45 Levels, and 3 Extra Levels!

Join HappyGnome in his new adventure!

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App Changes

  • June 04, 2014 Initial release

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