What's New

- Added QR Code Sharing & Scaning
- Clear Browser can now play sounds.
© NEW: QR Code Scanning & Sharing!
We've always wondered why QR Code scanning wasn't integrated in browsers - they are a logical fit. With Clear Browser, you can now share and scan QR codes to URLs directly from within the same app. No more jumping and fumbling around with a dedicated QR code reader!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Thank you for all of your support up to now. While we have not been able to dedicate as much resource to Clear Browser as we'd liked, the feedback on design ideas has been greatly gratifying. However, with the new iOS7 redesign of Safari, full screen browsing and Clear Browser menu style will soon be the default (which also makes us immensely proud). We think it therefore makes sense to keep Clear Browser small and simple, useful for quick, short visits to websites, and also in its latest form as a QR code reader. We may be able to get a redesign in to speed performance and smoother graphics up, but unless we get a sudden spurge in popularity, our resources will likely not be free to finish our vision for this anytime soon.

But of course, the future is never certain. Thank you everyone once again. If you enjoy using Clear Browser, please do share and/or leave us comments or suggestions.

App Description

√ AppAdvice App of the Week
√ Ranked #1 in Productivity, iTunes Netherlands (Oct 17)
√ "Beautiful Browser for the iPad" - ipadclub.nl

Clear Browser is a lightweight app custom that lets you quickly explore websites in full screen glory without the friction of launching and waiting for the app to load.

Also, if you're a web or iOS developer, you can unlock our Pro Features package to test website rendering, view source code, and adjust iOS's UIWebView settings. (But if you're not, don't worry about all that jargon)

» Built for Immersive Full-screen Browsing Experience
» Lightning Fast App Launch
» Searchable URL Bar
» Speed Dial Bookmarks
» Visual Web-browsing History
» 8 Beautiful Tab Interface
» Quick Back, Forward, and Refresh Gestures
» Unobstructive User Interface
» Universal App - supports all iOS devices
» Share web pages via Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail
» Developer-friendly: Source Code View & UIWebView Settings


© Regain the Screen. Rediscover the Web. ©

Unlike other browsers where branding gets in the way and full-screen is just an added “mode”, Clear Browser was specifically crafted to let you experience the web, not the browser. Menus will stay out of your way until you really need them. On the iPad, they’ll appear exactly where your thumbs are.

© The Browser You’ll Love to Launch ©

Clear Browser was designed to rest on your dock or home screen. Without the “launch lag” like in other overpowered iOS browsers, it’s there for the frequent times you just want to quickly open up a site. Type in a URL or Search query directly from the same bar.

© Visual Bookmarks ©

We know you visit some sites more often than others. With the visual approach to our Speed Dial / Bookmarks tab, you can quickly find and go to sites you've favorited for quick access.

© Photographic Memory ©

If you’ve ever used the History function on other browsers, you’ll know that page titles aren’t that helpful. Clear Browser uses a Visual History approach that lets you thumb through snapshots of all previously visited sites.

© Instant Share ©

Want to share a great website you found? It only takes two touches to share any site you're visiting on Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail.

© NEW: Tabs & Gestures!
- Gesture: Back ⇦ Swipe from the right edge of the screen to the left edge
- Gesture: Forward ⇒ Swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right edge
- Gesture: Pull down ⇩ Pull down the top of web pages to refresh.
- Multi-tab: Press the new multi-tab button on the menu to call up 8 available slots to be used as tabs. (Tabs are in beta. You can not yet hold down links to open them in a new tab.)

© Go Pro! Great for Users. Perfect for Developers ©

Clear Browser will always be free to use. It’s perfect for quick, brief web surfing. However, advanced users and webapp developers also have the option to unlock our Pro Features package that unlocks unlimited Visual History (the free version is limited to 6), advanced settings for iOS’s UIWebView like multi-touch enabling and screen locking, and the ability to view source code.

And frankly, it’s also a way to support us. (Don’t worry, all proceeds will go towards the continual development of making Clear Browser a better app for you.)


√ iTunes App Store Reviews √

“Surprisingly beautiful browser” ©©©©©
“The best fit-to-screen browser” ©©©©©
“A worthy addition to the home screen.” ©©©©©
"Now on my dock." ©©©©
“The web feels surprisingly better to browse through.” ©©©©


Not sure you get what the fuss is all about? Don’t worry, we’re free and take less than a minute to download. Why not try us for a few days, and see if you’re as hooked as everyone else?

Thanks you for your support. Your usage, reviews, and ratings mean a lot to us.



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Aliceturtle
Website: http://www.aliceturtle.com/clear-browser/
Twitter: @aliceturtle2012

iPhone Screenshots

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Clear Browser - Full Screen Browser & QR Scanner screenshot 1 Clear Browser - Full Screen Browser & QR Scanner screenshot 2 Clear Browser - Full Screen Browser & QR Scanner screenshot 3 Clear Browser - Full Screen Browser & QR Scanner screenshot 4 Clear Browser - Full Screen Browser & QR Scanner screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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Clear Browser - Full Screen Browser & QR Scanner screenshot 6 Clear Browser - Full Screen Browser & QR Scanner screenshot 7 Clear Browser - Full Screen Browser & QR Scanner screenshot 8 Clear Browser - Full Screen Browser & QR Scanner screenshot 9 Clear Browser - Full Screen Browser & QR Scanner screenshot 10

App Changes

  • November 28, 2012 Initial release
  • January 11, 2013 New version 1.3
  • February 06, 2013 New version 1.4
  • April 20, 2013 New version 1.5
  • April 28, 2013 New version 1.6
  • June 23, 2013 New version 1.7
  • July 31, 2013 New version 1.8

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