What's New

We are happy to bring a new freshly baked update to Beatsurfing !

Here's what's new in version 1.1:

→ Quantize Module
- Built-in Quantize Module with MIDI-IN synchronization:
- Trigger your objects in a defined quantize division.
- You can set a quantize division per individual object for complex compositions.
- Current BPM is displayed.

→ Circle Object Enhancements
- Notes definition for the Circle Object can be set to consecutive (as it used to be in version 1.0) but can also be toggled OFF. In which case you can freely define a note or even a chord for each step of the Circle sequence.
- Toggle ON or OFF the auto increment for the Circle Object. This let you manually control the increment by using Behaviors for more advanced control and flexibility.

→ Better Organization
- Backup and Organize your scenes more effectively with iTunes File sharing integration.
- Improved experience for sharing your scenes. Open scenes seamlessly from Dropbox, Mail, other apps or a web page.
- DEMO/Tutorial scenes get pushed automatically as they become available. We plan to push new demo scenes on a regular basis. You can see badges such as "NEW" and "UPDATED" on the scene thumbnails so you can easily see which scenes got updated or added over time.

→ Expressiveness
- Draw bigger objects in your scenes to unlock more possibilities.
- 4 new colors to better organize your objects in your scenes.
- Infinite number of Behaviors per object.
- Properties Panel automatically moves to always make sure that the selected object is visible.
- Freely move the properties panel to your need.
- Define the velocity for each note in all Note based Objects (for Circle, Line and Polygon)
- Note Velocity Behavior for the Circle, Line and Polygon objects lets you change the velocity of a specified step dynamically.
- Color Behavior let you switch the color of any objects dynamically.
- Fader and Circle GOTO 'X' Behavior enhancement let you add, substract or set a value to the current control change value to create more expressive compositions.

→ General Enhancements
- Crisp Look & Feel with Retina support.
- Better performances which increased responsiveness of the app.
- Subtle enhancements in various places to improve the overall experience.
- Lots of bug fixes.
- Fully backward compatible with scenes created with the previous versions.
- This version requires iOS 6.x (Unfortunately the iPad 1 is not supported anymore)

We can't wait to hear what you think about the new features!
We would also love to hear about features you would like to see in the future.

Please give us feedback via twitter http://twitter.com/beatsurfing , facebook http://facebook.com/beatsurfing or by email at info@beatsurfing.net
Also make sure to update your reviews and ratings for this version.

App Description


It allows you to draw a 3-dimensional controller and use it in two different and complementary ways. You can tap it like you would with your regular MPC or any other beatmaking device, but the best and most innovative use you can make of it is definitely by surfing your fingers along routes, colliding with objects, triggering samples or effects. It’s all about movement, and bringing back this intuitive way to make music.

It can control any MIDI-enabled device (Software, Hardware, or even selected iPad apps through Virtual MIDI), features a very intuitive in-app editing system and integrates seemlessly in any existing Studio or Live setup.

Objects Behaviours can be set to link objects together and multiply the available commands on the surface of the iPad.

It’s been developed by Herrmutt Lobby & Yaniv De Ridder.

It’s based on concepts Herrmutt Lobby developed for Hardware MIDI controllers (like the Beatfader and the MIDI scratch devices).

Released by VLEK.
PR & Communication coordination by Julien Fournier.


→ Draw your own controller
Work with the Controller you need, not the one you were given. Simply draw it on the screen with lines, polygons, circles and faders. Size, color, orientation and 3-Dimensional location are all yours to choose.

→ Surf!
Use the full potential of the iPad touchscreen: You can tap on the screen, but you better add the Surfing to your production and performance skills to integrate more of that human feel in your music.

→ Link any MIDI device
Dj, VJ, Production softwares, Hardware devices, and even selected iPad apps: you can route BEATSURFING to anything that allows for MIDI.

→ Objects Behaviours
Each object of your controller can be set to control the others. It creates a system of objects that allow you to add much more to a controller than what meets the eye.

→ Intuitive In-App editing
Forget about separated editing software, lenghty changes and whatnot. You can swap between the EDIT and PLAY modes at the tap of a finger. All your objects even remain playable when they’re be re-arranged!

App Screen Shots

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App Changes

September 26, 2013 New version 1.2
May 15, 2013 New version 1.1
October 04, 2012 Price Decrease: $11.99 -> $0.99
June 20, 2012 Initial Release