App Description

This app is a customer relationship aid for the management and staff of day care centers (for human beings and pets). It is forward compatible with and will be replaced by our app Extended Circle. It permits you to maintain a database of your clients and communicate with them via SMS or email. You can also communicate with the rest of your staff (read about tags below). The email functionality permits you to add photographs and/or videos from your library. The app is usable for any small business. Just ignore the photo attachment button on the email page.

- Video is available at There is also an Info screen accessible from the info icon on the main screen of the app.

- The basic unit of information is a record, which is a bundling of contact information for the parents/owners of children/pets in your care from your address book. The records can also be for your colleagues (see tags below).

- Records can be tagged, e.g. MWF, half time or the name of the primary handler.
You can search by a conjunction of tags, e.g. "Give me all the records for half-time dogs handled by Marc" or "Give me all the records for my colleagues who work on Mondays".

- Records can be emailed to colleagues from within the app. The Apple mailer understands the file extension and will permit the receiver to install the record in the app. Email and SMS is grouped into batches of 10, so if you are sending email to more than that the send window will come up more than once. Email is sent as BCCs so that no client knows about any of the others. You can also transfer the records to your desktop using iTunes file sharing, put them on a website and your colleagues can install using Safari, which also understands the file extension. Email and SMS are subject to the terms of your contract with your provider(s).

- The entire database can be exported into and imported from csv files and shared with colleagues as above. Databases append only and do not delete records, so that you can merge databases from different people. Note that a database import replaces records when the new records match the email addresses or phone numbers of the old records. It is advisable to export the database and copy it to your desktop computer using iTunes, so that you can use it as a backup. An entire database needs to be imported into the app and then explicitly imported from within the app, unlike individual records where you just click on the attachment (email) or link (server). In both cases, you need to go back to the main screen of the app before you can see your imports.

- There are global operations on records. For example, when records are imported from a colleague, sometimes there are missing fields. The app will make an attempt to match those records with entries in your address book and flesh out the contact information if you tell it to. You can also globally replace email signatures using tags. Note that for large address books, global operations can take a long time.

- Each button is explained on the information screen inside the app.

- This app will work on iPhones and iPads running iOS 5.

- The records you create are completely portable, meaning that you can create or use these records on either an iPhone or an iPad.

- We do not store or transmit any of your personal information. We do not use Location Services.

- If there are problems, please contact us first, at support (at) photopurify (dot) com. A link is on this App Store page and on the main screen of the app.

iPhone Screenshots

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App Changes

  • June 18, 2012 Initial release

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