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in the terminal where you installed the iOS7, I Fixed an issue where text input does not work.

App Description

If you are using a terminal that was updated to iOS8,
We are in a state which can not specify the input and date of the amount of money normally .
We're sorry .

Household Household Mobile is an application to manage the household at the terminal iPod / iPhone / iPad.
If you manage the household at the terminal at any time carry iOS, anywhere, can also be performed in consultation with the household shopping.
We will deliver a mobile household account book available to many people who very feature phones.

○ Register of income-expenditure
You can enter and save the amount of the expenditure and income.
Just enter the data, the balance will be displayed are automatically calculated.

■ Registration of expenditure
Fine as far as you can manage not only the date and amount, such as shop name and material.
You can also automatically register the [floor].

→ For rock bottom
■ Registration of income
As with spending, you can register up to a detailed portion of revenues.
In addition, monthly balance of payments such as salaries are also equipped with features that are automatically entered.

The maximum number of registrations will be 10,000 per household expenditure and income in accordance with one.
※ Note that up to 30 characters can be input.

■ Managing multiple household
In the household account book mobile to manage household of three is possible. From the main household, you can manage in one app such as the management of their own pocket money only, separate households.

○ Name Registration & shop name
You can register a "Name" and "Store name" to use when you register the expenditure and income.
200 until the shop name shop name, product name product name You can register up to 500.

You can also delete unwanted items, you can also rearrange to make it as easy to use.

※ Name is up to 9 characters, shop name is the input of up to seven characters is possible.
※ The item name registration for up to 10 items 50 items expenditure, income is possible, of up to seven characters can be input.

○ viewing data
Specify the conditions, such as shop name, product name and the date range, you can aggregate and view the data you entered.

It is also possible not only display the list, check-itemized monthly data in a graph.
Data can browse and attach it to your mail (comma-separated file format) CSV, is available to send.
Because it is a general data format, you can bring the data into spreadsheet software such as PC.

○ As for floor
Save the (floor) the minimum amount of spending.
You can immediately grasp, or was able to restrain spending in most any day.

Also, if you put a check in the "automatic floor" when you register your spending, you can also register the floor at the same time automatically.
The registered data floor and you can make a search in a different shop name-Name.

○ various settings
■ Setting
Automatic input []
Enter the balance of payments data automatically set.
Sun [origin;
Specifies the date separator of the month.
[Settings] carryover
The balance carried forward to the next month of the month.

■ Password function
By setting a password, you can manage to protect the household.
Once set, the password entry screen will be displayed when you start the app.
※ password management please go to strictly. In our case was forgotten your password, can not be undone.

■ automatic input
If you have, such as salaries and rent, the balance of payments of a predetermined amount each month, is the ability to automatically input.
Will automatically fill in income and expenditure data to the specified date each month.

※ The maximum number of registered households 1, 2, 3, will be up to 20 Te Align spending and income.

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App Changes

  • June 17, 2014 Initial release

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