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Pammac Educonnect contains more than 30 games for Kids between 4 and 8.

In these games, kids have to connect funny pictures that are related to a similar concept. The connection is done by simultaneously touching these pictures, which also helps them train their psychomotricity.

Besides helping them learning concepts, they also learn the names of things. They just have to double tap to hear spoken (and see written) words and sentences about the object they are touching.

No reading experience required (only a couple of games are intended to let children gain letter recognition skills).

Children can request an example at any time by pressing the "Show Example" button.

The list of games:

1. Match each animal with its most appropiate environment or place to live in.
2. Match each lowercase letter with its uppercase.
3. Match flowers of the same color.
4. Match each color with the pencil of the same color.
5. Match each meal/food with its origin
6. Match each object with its contrary (I).
7. Match each object with its contrary (II).
8. Where does each object belong to? Country or City?
9. Guess what belongs to mon and dad.
10. Sum all ducks and indicate (touch) the correct result.
11. Where does each animal normally live?
12. Match each flower with its silhouette.
13. Match each colored shape with its shadow.
14. Match each analog clock with its digital version (o'clock hours).
15. Match each analog clock with its digital version (half hours).
16. Match each job with an object used in that job.
17. Find the parts that belong to each other.
18. Match each colored musical instrument with a color key in the xilophone.
19. Match each number with the appropiate amount of circles.
20. Match each element with its counterpart.
21. Which shape (circular, octogonal, squared...) belongs to each object?
22. Match each object with the place you'd usually find it.
23. Match the boy's and girl's position with respect to the piece of furniture.
24. Complete each series with object that's missing.
25. Match each subtraction with the correct answer
26. Match each sum with the correct answer
27. Match objects and people related to the same sport
28. Match each sum of colors with its correct result
29. Match each sum of fruits with the correct answer
30. Match each object with the season it fits better
31. Match each vehicle with the place you'll see it more often
32. Match each vehicle with the number of wheels it has.
33. Match each vocal letter with the name of the drawing.

...and more games to come with new versions!

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  • June 04, 2012 Initial release