What's New

- Bug Fix.
- Support of iOS7.

App Description

"fourframe" : Original four-frame / one- frame comic strip can be easily made.

1. A photograph is changed like Cel Animation and it is set to a background.

2. Let's choose and arrange a balloon and a character.

3. Favorite words are inputted.

4. It can upload to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

# Poor at drawing a picture... It is troublesome to draw a picture...
# However, it can make easily.
# You can also create a frame work.

-Is the top choice.-

# If you want to show it to friends with a photo of your favorite words.
# I want to make a four-frame comic strip in the photo of the trip.
# I want to write a line of cat photos.
# I want to draw a cartoon of the original with the Pen tool.

-Trying to arrange the original photo.

By using "fourframe"...

Give them words to flower!
Can also decorate with an emoticon...
Take pictures of events, make a short story.

- "fourframe" Functions -

# Can be overwritten (Layer function)
It consists of three layers. (Background, Layer1 and Layer2)

For example:
A photograph is arranged for a background.
A balloon is arranged to the layer 1.
A text is arranged to the layer 2.

# Image processing
Image Effect Grayscale / Line drawing / Cel Animation. (Only Background)
The taken photograph can be processed easily and it can use for a background image.

# Items Selector (Paste a balloons, Characters and Others.)
It chooses from an item function. (Kinds of 50 in current version.)

# Words input
Horizontal and Vertical direction writing.
The font can specify font type, color, and three kinds of base sizes. *1,*2
It also supports standard emoticons iPhone.*3

# Pictogram (Stamp function)
Pictogram (Emoticons) of Looped Picture Company original is offered. (Kinds of 120 in current version.)*1

# Handwriting (Draw function)
Draw / Eraser. (Round or square pen and pen width ~ 32 pixel)
Color Picker, Color Spuit and Screen expansion.

# Paste image
You can paste the copied image as an item in the apps such as Safari.*1

# Preview function
The created four-frame or one-frame strip cartoon can be indicated by expansion.

# Save the data(Export function)
Save to iPhone album. (Save the Camera Roll)
Upload to Twitter, Instagram(*5) and Facebook.*4

# Others
Data has been created, it can be specified with or without margin.
Print Function (support to AirPrint)

- Function of only four-frame -

# Sort of each frame. (Exchange function)
While creating four-frame comic strip, you can do to sort of frame of four.*6

# Import of a one-frame data. (Import function)
While creating four-frame comic strip,you can do to reading the data that was created as a one-frame comic strip,is possible.

# Setting the title
If output in the margin there is a four-frame comic strip, the title will be displayed.
The title name can make a re-edit.
The title name can be done to specify the font. (Font size is automatically calculated.)

# Order of the four-frame comic strip
You can choose from four types of the order of the frame of four-frame comic strip.

**If "fourframe" is used, all the photographs of an iPhone album will become all stage and materials.
Please create many things and enjoy yourself!

*1 Pasted items, the placement, rotation, expansion can be adjusted.
*2 Font selection is all the fonts that are installed on the iPhone is available.
*3 Pictogram (Emoji) can not specify color, size specification.
*4 A use setup needs to be performed with each service.
*5 The Instagram application needs to be installed.
*6 This function can be used after carrying out data storage.

iPhone Screenshots

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fourframe (Four-panel comic) screenshot 1 fourframe (Four-panel comic) screenshot 2 fourframe (Four-panel comic) screenshot 3 fourframe (Four-panel comic) screenshot 4 fourframe (Four-panel comic) screenshot 5

App Changes

  • July 30, 2014 Initial release
  • August 01, 2014 New version 1.4